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Ferns for Sunny Spaces

What are the best ferns for sun? Royal Fern, Walking Fern and Lady Ferns are best for sunny areas and drought.

Royal Fern

One of the first ferns for the sun is the Sensitive fern. It is a gorgeous flowering fern that will make an elegant addition to your garden. It is usually found near ponds, streams, and lakes in wet conditions. It also has a unique texture and structure that immediately grabs the eye. The leaflets tend to separate from one another during the spring or summer. During the fall, the leaves usually turn a yellow or brown color. Think about adding this fern to your garden. New York Fern can be grown in sun.

Walking Fern

It would be best to consider the Walking fern, which usually grows well in soil with a balanced moisture level. It only needs a slight amount of watering. Walking fern tends to grow well when it has been placed in full sun. It is a common fern that prefers a humid environment and warm temperatures. Native to the southern United States, this beautiful, bright green plant is perfect for your landscaping needs. You can put it in a pot and set it on your porch. If you want something unique, you can hang this plant up outside.

Lady Fern

Another beautiful fern is called the Lady fern. It is a gorgeous fern that loves to grow around rocks. It is approximately four feet in length. It is a light green color, relatively slim, and usually lives around rocks. This fern got its name because the tiny green structures that protrude from it look like ladies slippers underneath the leaves. The lady fern will pair well with a variety of flowers and plants you have in your garden. As a result, this leads to a unique style in your garden that will immediately set you apart. These ferns will even grow well in harsh environments.

Where to Get Ferns for Sun

If you need ferns for the sun, look no further than Tennessee Nursery. At Tennessee Nursery, we work hard to stay on top of the latest developments in our field because we want to help you the best we can. That is why you have access to so many ferns you can use to meet the needs of your home or office. Contact us and let our plant pros help you find the best ferns for the sun on your property!

Sensitive Fern - TN Nursery

Sensitive Fern

The Sensitive Fern is a hardy, deciduous plant with finely dissected fronds that curl up when touched or exposed to frost. This makes it a unique and exciting addition to damp woodland gardens. This fern is a beloved plant that gets its name due to its sensitive nature, preferring specific environments that are mostly warm and humid. But despite its name, it's one that you should pay attention to if you live in a region that it can grow in. Let's examine why this perennial plant is a must-have for your landscape.  Sensitive Fern Is Stunning in Greater Numbers This plant looks good, but it produces a lush, green, thick spectacle that quickly adds more to any space when you plant multiple perennials together. The lobed leaves blend and reach up and out at a maximum height of about two feet. If you want to add some volume and life to spaces that need it most, consider adding several plants to your landscape. They may even spread naturally with time. Sensitive Fern Acts As a Home for Wildlife These plants grow in areas where wildlife flourishes, meaning they play an essential role in the ecosystem. Speaking of its more practical uses, small animals like frogs and salamanders will use the leaves of this plant to take cover and escape from the heat. If you're looking for plants that are friends with and attractors of wildlife, this one will be an excellent fit for your space. Sensitive Fern also serves as a source for animals and insects, so you won't have to worry about the wildlife population in your area decimating your plants before you can enjoy them. It is both deer—and rabbit-resistant, with larger animals only taking a few leaves or avoiding them entirely. This ensures that your plants still contribute positively to the environment but aren't at risk of being wiped out by animals. Sensitive Fern Is A Stunning Border Plant Groundcover like Sensitive Fern is the perfect solution where more common plants cannot grow. Adding height and color to more moist and humid areas of your property, these perennials take root and help your property look less bare, supporting the areas in your yard that need it most.

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Walking Fern - TN Nursery

Walking Fern

The walking fern is a small, trailing perennial known for its unique ability to reproduce by growing new plantlets at the tips of its fronds, giving it the appearance of "walking" across the forest floor.  These fascinating and unique plants can bring natural beauty and intrigue to any landscape. These attributes make them highly desirable for landscaping projects in wild and cultivated settings. Here are some critical characteristics that make them excellent additions to any landscaping endeavor.  Walking Fern, or Asplenium rhizophyllum, are low-lying perennial evergreens and typically relatively small. They're also an opportunistic plant, meaning they'll grow on fallen tree trunks, rocks, or land. As long as there's some moisture nearby, they're good to go. The Frond Blades Of Walking Fern They have smooth, narrow, and elongated dark green blades. Each frond blade is shaped like a triangle and comes to a tiny tip. Because of this, the bulk of this plant comprises the bottom portion of each one. Furthermore, you'll notice that this unique evergreen has eared lobes on both sides. As mentioned, they take any opportunity to grow and run with it! Essentially, wherever its parent touches the ground is where they'll call their home. From there, these evergreens appear to be trekking across the ground, hence their name. The Lifecycle Of The Walking Fern Although their root tips are where each new seedling comes from, the entire process is a bit more complex. The form that most people see is only one of a two-part cycle. Water is an essential component of making new life. Without it, the gametes cannot fertilize the eggs. Fortunately, this is something other than something to worry about as they naturally grow in mossy, watery areas. Walking Fern Multiples Quickly  You can plant Walking Fern in various places, but looking for a mossy area in the shade is best. Either way, sit back and watch out once they've been planted! One plant will turn into two quite quickly, which will then propagate further and further. It's possible to purchase one of these evergreens and end up with at least a handful. Their reproduction rate and method make them a favorite of people who usually have difficulty growing things. They provide a very appealing look for a natural lawn, and you won't have to do much to ensure they survive and thrive.

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