Fall Leaves

Fall Leaves - The Science of Color Change

Tuesday, July 19

Fall Leaves

As fall approaches we are faced with all of those leaves hanging on the trees or falling on the ground…they can be annoying but are there any options other than raking them and throwing them out?

Yes, when it comes to fall leaves there are many things to do with them.

1. Bringing them in either on limbs and branches or individually and placing them in a vase, mantle or using them as potpourri.

2. Raking them in piles and letting them sit as compost so that you can place them around your plants, trees, and shrubs as moisture barriers versus having to pay for mulch or pine needles.

3. Raking them into large piles and jumping in them providing for many hours of fun.

4. Drying the vibrant leaves and using them in scrapbooks as decorations.

When it comes to fall leaves, they are more than just beauty to look at. There are many things other than just tossing the leaves out that you can do to recycle them. Yes, we all know that leaves can get annoying the crunching on them as we walk, having to constantly pick them up or rake them up as many of us have to do but in the end, with a little creativity, they can make for a fun time.

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