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Corn Mazes - Family Bonding

Have you ever wanted to walk a corn maze?

It's a fun activity you can enjoy with a group of people or just by yourself.

A famous one is the Big Horse corn maze in Temecula, California. The festival is held each October.

If you don't like getting lost in a maze, try a labyrinth instead. What's the difference? Well, a maze has many twists and turns and options for which way you can walk. You truly can get lost. Conversely, a labyrinth has many twists and turns, but there is only one way in or out. So, you may feel lost, but you never indeed are. Though not an actual corn, you can find "squirrel corn," a dicentra wildflower, among our perennials.

Exploring the Enchantment of Corn Mazes

When autumn sets in, and the leaves begin to change, the vast fields of maize become a recreational challenge and an opportunity to explore nature's breathtaking beauty through intricate and captivating corn mazes. These labyrinths of tall, rustling corn stalks offer enthusiasts of all ages an immersive experience that is both exciting and calming. With every twist and turn, the mazes provide a new surprise, challenge, and opportunity to explore the stunning natural surroundings. The crisp autumn air adds to the allure of the experience, making it a delightful adventure that transports people to a world of wonder.

Corn Maze Designs

The creation of corn mazes is a remarkable display of artistry and ingenuity. Observing the meticulous planning and attention to detail that farmers and designers put into the maze's layout is fascinating. They incorporate elaborate themes that range from the whimsical to the historical. Each maze is a work of art that tells a remarkable story, waiting to be discovered by those who wander through its twists and turns. The themes can be a tribute to a beloved children's story, a depiction of a local landmark, or anything in between. Every visit to a corn maze is a new adventure, an opportunity to explore a world of wonder that lies within.

Attractions - Mast Farm

Creating a corn maze is a captivating process that involves blending imaginative artistry with technical prowess. The designers use advanced G.P.S. technology and sophisticated computer software to chart the maze's complex pathways meticulously. Every twist and turn is carefully calculated to ensure visitors have an exciting and entertaining experience. The designers must strike a perfect balance between challenge and enjoyment, which requires exceptional skill and expertise. When the time comes to cut the corn, it's a laborious operation that demands patience and attention to detail. The cutting process is an intricate and precise operation that brings the maze design to life, creating a fun experience for visitors.

As you cautiously step into the corn maze, the towering cornstalks rise like green skyscrapers, creating an intricate network of shadowy paths that twist and turn before you. The rustling of the leaves in the soft draft adds to the eerie atmosphere of the maze as you peer into the distance, wondering what lies ahead. Each corner you turn presents a new opportunity for adventure - a hidden nook to explore, a dead end to overcome, or a narrow path to navigate. As you immerse more deeply into the maze, your heart races with adrenaline, eager to discover what lies around the next bend. The thrill of exploration courses through your veins as you revel in the excitement of this unique and challenging experience.

The exhilaration of exploring a maze lies in the sense of mystery and wonder that envelops you at every turn. Each decision, whether to take a left or a right, to move ahead or retrace your steps, shapes your path and draws you closer to the maze's heart. As you traverse its winding corridors, you are enveloped by nature's sights, sounds, and smells, creating a rich tapestry of sensory experiences that captivate and transport you to another world. The rustle of leaves beneath your feet, the call of songbirds in the distance, and the scent of fresh earth combine to create an immersive experience that stimulates your mind and invigorates your soul.

Corn Maze A Tapestry of Tradition

Corn mazes are more than a simple recreational activity for visitors. They represent a rich tapestry of tradition and community spirit, illuminating the region's agricultural heritage. For centuries, farmers have used mazes to entertain visitors during harvest festivals and agricultural fairs, drawing people from all walks of life together to celebrate the season's bounty. Today, these mazes serve as gathering places where families and friends can connect over shared adventures, explore the intricate pathways, and discover hidden treasures. Whether it's the thrill of getting lost in the maze, the joy of solving the puzzle, or simply the pleasure of being outdoors, corn mazes are an experience that creates unforgettable memories for all who visit.


Corn mazes are a popular attraction that offers both entertainment and education. These mazes are created by farmers who use their cornfields as a canvas to design intricate patterns, often with a theme. Visitors can get lost in the maze while appreciating the stunning surroundings and the thrill of the challenge.

However, corn mazes also serve as an educational tool, providing insights into the history and significance of agriculture in our society. Many farms incorporate interactive elements into their mazes, such as trivia questions or scavenger hunts, that give visitors a deeper understanding of farming practices and the importance of preserving our agricultural heritage.

These interactive elements challenge visitors to think critically and creatively while providing a fun and engaging experience. By partaking in these actions, guests can learn about the various crops grown on the farm, the tools and equipment used by farmers, and the challenges they face in their profession. Corn mazes are a unique and exciting way to learn about agriculture and its importance daily.

As the sun starts to descend below the horizon on a crisp autumn day, the sound of rustling corn stalks mixes with the carefree laughter of children and the lively chatter of families. The air is charged with excitement and anticipation as they enter the maze, ready to embark on a thrilling adventure together. The twists and turns of the labyrinth only bring them closer, forging bonds of camaraderie and joy that will last long after they leave. This quintessential autumn scene showcases the enduring appeal of the corn maze experience, drawing people back year after year to create new memories with loved ones.

The Lone Oak Sunflower Farm & Corn Maze | Farm Attraction in MI


Squirrel Corn - TN Nursery

Dicentra Canadensis Squirrel Corn

Squirrel Corn produces a welcome aroma, too. It enhances outdoor spaces' natural beauty, biodiversity, and tranquility. This perennial wildflower offers distinct qualities that enhance various aspects of landscape design. Squirrel corn is a perennial wildflower with distinctly corn-shaped tubers that may attract smaller mammals like squirrels, chipmunks, and mice. That being said, this flower's element is not where it shines. This delicate plant is one that many would be happy to make room for. Let's take a look at where Dicentra candidosis shines and why it's beloved by so many. The Heart-Shaped Flowers Of Squirrel Corn This plant produces attractive, pale pinkish-white, heart-shaped flowers each spring that add a touch of delicacy and quiet beauty to any garden area. The flowers themselves produce a welcome aroma, too, which only enhances the plant's presence. While the name of the plant itself might sound silly, don't let it fool you into thinking that it's not a gorgeous plant to have in your yard. This plant is a tuber, and one of its benefits is that animals like chipmunks are known to transplant it, reducing the amount of work that you need to do if you want these plants all around your property. The Foliage Of The Squirrel Corn Is Stunning  While the flowers are the highlight of this plant, they remain dormant after they bloom in spring. The good news? The leaves of this plant are also quite stunning. With a blueish hue, they flow out to produce an equally impressive spectacle, even without the presence of the plant's flowers. If you're looking for taller greenery that could be incorporated into garden or yard spaces to help you liven things up, consider Dicentra candles as one of the wildflowers you use in your space. Squirrel Corn Is Easy To Add To Landscapes  Speaking of incorporating Squirrel Corn into your space, you'll be pleased to know that it adapts well to most environments. This means that you can easily add it to various areas of your landscaping plans to breathe some more life into your space. Whether you're adding some more plants around trees or creating a garden space with various types of wildflowers that will burst to life in spring, you can rely on this plant to add something special. Produces a welcome aroma, too, to enhance

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