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Best Aquatic Plants For In Landscaping

Everyone loves water fountains and gardens. If you have one of those or if you have a favorite pond or lake residing on your property, TN Nursery has a large selection of aquatic favorites.

Top Water Plants For Landscaping & Features

Water Willow

Bamboo Plants



Water Willow - TN Nursery

Water Willow

Water Willow is a native aquatic plant with lance-shaped leaves and spikes of small, tubular, white to lavender flowers, commonly found in streams and wetland areas. They offer a plethora of positive attributes that make them an excellent addition to any landscaping design. These charming deciduous trees are native to the southeastern United States and thrive in wetland areas, making them perfect for aqua gardens, pond edges, and other moist environments. Water Willow, also known as Dianthera americana, are aquatic herbaceous plants. In other words, this particular plant is typically found partially submerged in flowing or still aquas. They offer a nice splash of color and visual interest to their surroundings and can be quite eye-catching. Water Willow Has Stunning Flowers This plant produces white and purple flowers in small clusters. When fully grown, each flower is approximately 1/2 inch. They grow out of stalks that come from their foliage and usually remain in bloom from May through October. This plant attracts bees and even offers them a prominent guideline for pollination purposes! Therefore, if you're looking to help the world's bee population, putting some on a man-made lake is a great idea. Water Willow Has Exotic Leaves Once the slender rhizomes have been planted, American Willows will begin to grow and thrive. In time, they can even spread out into large colonies that take up approximately 1,000 square feet. Of course, this flowering plant is also suitable for your yard's built-in aqua features as it won't grow bigger than its area. The leaves themselves are simple and can grow up to six inches long. Additionally, they're bright green and go into a point at the tip. Meanwhile, the stems grow between 1.6 and 3.3 feet high and are also bright green. Water Willow Has Fruit Small brown capsules serve as this plant's fruit. A variety of different animals are attracted by them, and they're used to help keep this species alive and well. As long as they end up near a river, lake, or stream, more will be born! Wildlife Loves Water Willow One of the best things about this attractive plant is the fact that it will bring in a lot of wildlife. In the wild, you can expect to see muskrats and beavers dining on the rhizomes. The leaves are usually eaten by deer, and bees enjoy the pollen. A variety of other insects will also be fed by this plant. Instead of stopping there, though, it also makes a fantastic habitat for amphibians, fish, and assorted aquatic invertebrates.

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Running Bamboo - TN Nursery

Running Bamboo

Running Bamboo is a versatile and fast-growing plant that offers many benefits when incorporated into landscaping projects. Its unique characteristics and practical attributes make it popular for enhancing outdoor spaces with aesthetic and functional advantages. A running bamboo is a type of plant that will grow outwards almost as quickly as it will grow upwards. Although mostly an ornamental plant, it does serve a number of purposes within a given landscape. Let's take a closer look at what this plant looks like and the specific reasons you'll want to have it on your property. The Physical Attributes of Running Bamboo It will typically have a golden stalk from which a series of green leaves will shoot out from the top. The trees that you see will shoot from stalks that grow horizontally along the ground, which is why they are referred to as runners. How Fast Does Running Bamboo Grow You can see several inches or feet of vertical growth per season, much of which takes place in the spring or early summer. It can also grow horizontally up to 10 feet in a single season. If you are in a rural area, this may not cause any issues with neighbors or local authorities. However, if you live in a typical neighborhood, you may want to consider adding a barrier to prevent runaway growth. What Is Running Bamboo Used For This type of plant can be used for a variety of purposes, such as adding some color to a garden or to edge your garden, driveway, or other landscape components. You can also use it as a privacy screen or to help dampen noise coming from a neighbor's house, highway, or other sources. It can also be used to help reclaim or revitalize a landscape after a weather event or years of neglect. Running Bamboo Can Be Used as Pet Food Creatures such as rabbits or guinea pigs can use the shoots of this plant for nourishment. However, you probably won't see deer, rodents, or other creatures that typically exist in a suburban setting flocking to your tree, which may help to ensure its long-term survival.

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