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Beautiful Fences for Your Backyard


When it comes to fencing, the options you have are numerous, and you may get overwhelmed.

Figure out the look you want and your budget for this project. Consider what you are planning for your garden fence.

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The stockade-style fence is a fence with a bluish tint and has a diamond-tipped design at the top. It is perfect for colorful flower gardens and will highlight every flower and plant. Create a natural look with a willow screen. It is a perfect backdrop for any garden you may have.

Oak fencing is also very popular and beautiful. It is simple looking and just giving this wood a clear coating will preserve it and keep it looking modern yet straightforward. It is perfect for the country-looking gardens and will give vines and other climbing plants something to attach themselves to.

For a more English-looking garden, you can buy hand-woven panels to create the perfect thing to highlight your brightly colored flowers and green foliage. Trellis panels are also available for purchase and are quite lovely to look at.

Trumpet Vines look great growing along fences.

Purchase them in various designs, and they will be perfect for vines and other trailing and climbing plants and flowers. It will be perfect for creating a very showy backdrop for your garden area. For a more reasonable approach, try getting some used boards or panels and create your fence with whatever design you want to have.

In more recent years, many have gone with slatted wood for their fencing because of the modern appearance. It is also an excellent fence for climbing plants and vines and will give them the support they need. Some even go with the classic white picket fence for their garden area.

Give your garden a cottage look and feel or a rustic country look. The choices are endless, so make sure it reflects you and your garden area. English Ivy is also another great vine to climb fences and trellises.

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Red Crepe Myrtle

Red Crepe Myrtle

Red Crepe Myrtle has clusters of red flowers provide a burst of shade to the landscape and draw pollinators such as butterflies and bees, promoting a healthy ecosystem. As the seasons change, the plant's foliage transitions from green to shades of orange and red, adding further visual interest. A visually appealing ornamental shrub that offers numerous benefits when incorporated into landscaping designs. This plant adds aesthetic value to various outdoor spaces with its stunning clusters of vibrant red flowers, distinctive peeling bark, and compact growth habit. Beyond its visual appeal, it offers several practical advantages, making it a sought-after choice for landscaping projects. One of the critical benefits of the shrub is its ability to thrive in various climates and soil conditions. Red Crepe Myrtle is known for its adaptability to urban and suburban environments, making it an excellent choice for parks, gardens, and residential yards. Its moderate size, ranging from 6 to 15 feet tall depending on the variety, allows it to fit comfortably in various spaces, from small courtyards to more extensive open areas. Furthermore, it is prized for its long-lasting and profuse blooming period, typically during summer.  Another advantage is its relatively low maintenance requirements. Once established, it is drought-tolerant and requires minimal watering. Additionally, its resistance to pests and diseases contributes to its overall hardiness. Pruning is recommended during the dormant season to maintain its shape and encourage healthy growth, but the plant is forgiving and can tolerate a range of pruning styles. The distinctive peeling bark of mature it adds a unique texture to the landscape, particularly during winter when other plants might lack visual interest. This feature contributes to the plant's year-round appeal and enhances its role as a focal point or background element in landscaping designs. In conclusion, the red crepe myrtle offers many benefits for landscaping projects. Its adaptability, vibrant blooms, low maintenance requirements, and unique bark make it a valuable addition to various outdoor spaces. Whether used as a standalone specimen, a hedge, or part of a mixed planting scheme, this ornamental shrub brings beauty, versatility, and vitality to landscapes, enriching the overall aesthetic and ecological value of the environment.  Get your Red Crepe Myrtle at TN Nursery The Red Crepe Myrtle, scientifically known as Lagerstroemia indica, is a stunning ornamental flowering tree that graces gardens and landscapes with its breathtaking beauty. This deciduous tree is celebrated for its vibrant and prolific display of crimson-red blossoms during summer, making it a sought-after choice for horticultural enthusiasts and garden designers.  Standing at a moderate height of 10 to 20 feet and sporting a graceful, multi-stemmed canopy, the Red Crepe Myrtle exudes an air of elegance. Its slender branches extend outward, covered in lush, dark green leaves contrasting the fiery red flowers. The foliage transitions through the seasons, with leaves taking on shades of orange and red in the fall, creating a mesmerizing tapestry of colors.  The crepe-like texture of the blossoms adds an extra layer of charm to this tree. The intricate design of each flower is made up of numerous crinkled and delicate petals. When they burst open in large clusters, they produce a mesmerizing and enchanting sight that can leave anyone captivated and spellbound. These flowers can persist for an extended period, ensuring your garden remains awash in vivid red hues throughout the summer.  Red Crepe Myrtle Blooms For Weeks at a Time In Late Summer One of the standout features of them is its ability to thrive in a variety of climates. It is highly adaptable and capable of withstanding heat and drought problems, making it ideal for regions with scorching summers. Furthermore, this tree is relatively low-maintenance, requiring only periodic pruning to preserve its shape and encourage optimal blooming.  Whether planted as a solitary focal point in a garden or as part of a colorful landscape design, the Red Crepe Myrtle never fails to captivate onlookers with its breathtaking beauty. Its striking red blossoms, graceful form, and adaptability make it a beloved choice for gardeners seeking to add a hint of grace and liveliness to their outdoor spaces, creating a lasting impression that lingers long after the blossoms have faded.

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