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Arrowwood Viburnum

Arrowwood Viburnum

This charming shrub, a North American native species Arrowwood Viburnum, is beloved by gardeners across most USDA planting zones. That's because it is so self-sufficient that it requires almost no help from a gardener.

It is a shrub TN Nursery recommends for any customer who requests a low-care shrub. Besides being relatively carefree, the gorgeous white blossoms bloom early in the season, adding welcome color to the garden when many other shrubs remain dormant.

Where to Use Arrowwood Viburnum in Your Landscape

Arrowwood Viburnum can reach a mature height of around ten feet. However, many gardeners choose to shape it to suit specific garden needs. For instance, if they want to grow it as a short hedge. Here are several ideas about how to put this naturally charming shrub to use in your yard:


Arrowwood Viburnum Has So Much Natural Charm

Arrowwood Viburnum is rich in natural charm. In the early weeks of spring, the glorious, white-to-cream flowers are among the first bloomers. Each angelic blossom is petite, under a quarter-inch in width, and with five little petals that create a bell shape. Despite its diminutive size, it makes an immense impact as these tiny flowers join together in large, fluffy clusters.

The flowers fade away in a couple of short weeks, and the four-inch long, glossy, toothy-edged emerald leaves appear for the rest of the growing season. The foliage of this shrub is full and beautiful.

Arrowwood Viburnum - TN Nursery

Arrowwood Viburnum

Arrowwood Viburnum shrub blooms with clusters of creamy white flowers, creating a visually stunning display. In late summer, the flowers give way to glossy, dark green leaves that turn red, purple, and orange tones in the fall, providing captivating foliage throughout the year. Arrowwood Viburnum By adding Arrowwood Viburnum to your landscape, you can enjoy gorgeous, deep green leaves throughout the spring and summer. In the late spring, you can expect white flowers in small, creamy clusters. Then, the bush develops dark blue drupes after the flowers have finished blooming. Arrowwood Viburnum Has Lush Foliage Homeowners love them because they maintain their lush leaves during the spring and summer. Once autumn rolls around, the plant lights up with fiery colors. Depending on the location and nutrient balance, you can expect your bush to turn vivid red, sweet yellow, or reddish-purple. Use Arrowwood Viburnum in Gardens Throughout the Year Because of its breathtaking fall colors, this plant is a popular choice for autumn gardens. It will grow at medium speed to a height of about 2 feet tall. This makes it ideal for rows in your garden. If you prefer keeping your perimeter fairly open, you could even use it as a fence. Certain cultivars of them can grow taller than 2 feet, so you can pick a specific cultivar if you want a higher fence. For example, some of the cultivars can grow up to 7 feet tall. Attract Local Wildlife to This Stunning Arrowwood Viburnum If you are a passionate birder, this might be the bush for you. They are popular among birds because of their abundant fruits. After flowers appear in the spring, you will also notice a wide variety of butterfly species as well. Discover a Historic Arrowwood Viburnum Historically, this plant grew as far north as New Brunswick. It was also native to southern Georgia. It developed its name because of its strong shoots. Originally, Native Americans would use the roots to make arrow shafts. Today, this plant is best known for its natural beauty. Other than including it as a hedge next to your house, you can use it to create lovely borders along your garden paths. Known for forming a low fence, it doesn’t grow particularly tall. Because of this, it is best used along borders and walkways. With some careful planning, you can use this viburnum to add autumn color to your landscape.

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