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Arrowleaf Ginger Plant | Care Guide

Arrowleaf Ginger Plant

Arrowleaf Ginger Plant – Hexastylis arifolia

The Arrowleaf Ginger Plant is a perennial that loves wetland areas. Also known as Little Brown Jug, it is an evergreen ground cover plant. It is a perennial with pointed heart-shaped green leaves. It blooms late spring into early summer with tiny brown and purple-hued flowers, making it a pretty addition to a shade garden all year round.

This woodland species is native to the Eastern United States. It is commonly found in North and South Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, and Tennessee forests. It will thrive in climate zones 4 through 8. This species of ginger seems to do best in more acidic soil that is moist. It will mature to a height of 4 to 6 inches. The spread will be approximately 8 to 15 inches. However, the ginger family is said to be slower growing than some other ground cover species. The plant is deer resistant.

Caring for Arrowleaf Ginger

The Arrowleaf Ginger Plant is well suited to tree-lined property edges and full or partially shaded gardens. It requires very little maintenance. You will need to be somewhat careful when raking or weeding around the plants to not pull them up and out of the ground. That is especially true for new plantings.

You can purchase this variety in seed form or as potted seedlings. It is best to plant in bare-root form with at least a 1-inch cover of loamy soil. You may require a little patience for this perennial to mature. It will be worth the wait.

The Arrowleaf Ginger Plant will be an excellent addition to your landscape; The heart-shaped, pointed leaves are a marbled green. The small jug-shaped flowers are deep purple to brown. A perennial is a plant that keeps on giving. It should produce colorful blooms year after year.

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Wild Ginger - TN Nursery

Wild Ginger

Wild Ginger is a low-growing, herbaceous perennial plant with heart-shaped leaves and unique, reddish-brown, tubular flowers often hidden beneath the foliage, typically found in shaded woodlands. It is a beautiful, versatile groundcover perennial that can be a valuable addition to landscaping. Here are some of its attributes and benefits when used in landscaping. Wild ginger is a plant that many may need to be made aware of. An ideal addition to a lawn that needs some variety in terms of the types and sizes of plants, there are plenty of reasons to start growing this plant where you live. Let's take a look at what it has to offer and how it might benefit your space. Wild Ginger Acts As a Larger Groundcover This plant is the perfect groundcover for those who want something that's a bit larger and can blend in seamlessly with their much smaller and much larger plants. Its heart-shaped leaves can extend up to eight inches tall, helping it seamlessly blend in throughout areas where smaller flowers feel disjointed in contrast with their much taller counterparts. If you have an area where you're having trouble growing grass or want something different, this plant will do! Wild Ginger Attracts Unique Pollinators This plant's flowers do not bloom toward the top. Instead, the jug-like flowers grow near the bottom of the plant. As a result, this attracts pollinators like ants and flies that you wouldn't usually think of as benefitting your garden. If you have other forms of ground cover or smaller plants that may need extra support, this plant could be an excellent addition to attract the pollinators your other plants aren't bringing in. Groundcover is a great way to reduce the number of weeds in your garden or yard. Because ground cover takes up the bulk of the planted space, it's much harder for weeds to take root and begin spreading. Should some weeds manage to start growing, they're much easier to pluck out. This plant is perfect if you want to reduce weeds and have something intentionally growing in your space. Reduces Soil Erosion With Wild Ginger Wild Ginger root systems spread across the space and keep soil in place, reducing soil erosion and ensuring that your soil retains its beneficial qualities. It also protects the roots of nearby plants, which is essential if you're looking to create a robust, beautiful garden.

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