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Arborvitaes - The Pros and Consequences

Monday, September 12

Planting Arborvitae Trees

Arborvitae is an evergreen shrub or a tree that belongs to the Cypress family. 

Arborvitae has long scale-like leaves. 

Planting Arborvitae in the home garden is preferred by most of the people because it provides privacy and acts as a natural green hedge.

Planting Arborvitae- Arborvitae can thrive in both moist and dry soil which is either acidic or alkaline. The plant is not very specific about the kind of soil and needs very little maintenance. You can choose a spot that receives full or partial sun and plants it there. These plants do not grow well in warmer climates and prefer cold climatic conditions. Arborvitae can be planted in your home garden by purchasing it from a local nursery. Choose an ideal spot and dig a hole that is big enough to accommodate roots properly. They can also be planted by the method of propagation through clippings.

Growth and Care- The growth of Arborvitae plant is relatively slow as compared to the other plants but regular pruning and pinching can ensure higher growth rate in the coming seasons. Pinching helps in triggering new growth. You can prune the trees to get the desired shape which can be round, columnar or pyramidal.

Maintenance- Water the plants well so that they are healthy because unhealthy plants are susceptible to various diseases. These plants require ample watering during growth years because hot and dry days can damage the plants severely if they are under- watered. Spider mites infestation is also a common problem with Arborvitae plants. It is advisable to spray them with horticulture oil as a preventive measure. Make sure to remove dead twigs and branches every once in a while.

Arborvitae is a perfect evergreen tree for any home garden as it requires low maintenance and makes your garden look lively and green throughout the year.

Source of Information on Arborvitae


Green Giant Arborvitae

Green Giant Arborvitae 12-14"

Green Giant Arborvitae is a fast-growing evergreen tree with vibrant, emerald-green foliage, a tall, columnar shape, and dense branching, making it a popular choice for privacy screens and windbreaks in landscaping. It is a highly advantageous and versatile evergreen tree widely used in landscaping. Belonging to the Cupressaceae family, this tree offers many benefits, making it an extent choice for various outdoor spaces. One of the primary benefits of incorporating this tree into landscaping is its fast growth rate. Green Giant Arborvitae can grow several feet yearly, making it an excellent option for quickly establishing privacy screens, windbreaks, and living fences. Its dense and lush foliage provides adequate coverage and screening, making it ideal for creating secluded and intimate areas within the garden or blocking out unwanted views. It requires relatively low maintenance, making it practical for landscape designs requiring less care. Once established, it is drought-tolerant and can fight dry periods, reducing the need for frequent watering. Additionally, it's resistant to pests and diseases, minimizing the need for chemical treatments and promoting a more eco-friendly and sustainable landscaping approach. Furthermore, it is an attractive evergreen tree that visually appeals to the landscape year-round. Its dark green, scale-like foliage retains its color throughout the year, providing a vibrant and lush backdrop to the garden, even during winter. This evergreen quality ensures the park maintains its beauty and interest throughout all seasons, creating a lively and engaging outdoor space. Another advantage of using it in landscaping is its adaptability to various soil types and environmental conditions. It can tolerate multiple soil pH levels and is relatively resistant to salt and pollution, making it suitable for urban landscapes and coastal regions. Its adaptability lets it flourish in diverse settings, making it a versatile choice for various landscaping projects. In conclusion, the green arborvitae offers several benefits in landscaping projects. Its fast growth, low-maintenance nature, year-round visual appeal, and adaptability to different environments make it a valuable addition to gardens and outdoor spaces. By incorporating them into landscape designs, enthusiasts can create visually stunning and functional landscapes that provide privacy, enhance aesthetics, and contribute to the overall beauty and health of the environment.  Get your Green Giant Arborvitae at TN Nursery today!   The Green Giant Arborvitae, scientifically known as Thuja standishii x plicata 'Green Giant,' is a majestic and famous evergreen tree with remarkable beauty and numerous ornamental qualities. Native to the Pacific Northwest of North America, this tree has earned a reputation as an excellent choice for landscaping and garden enthusiasts. Standing as a symbol of enduring elegance, the Green Giant Arborvitae boasts many captivating features. One of the most striking aspects of the Arborvitae is its size. This tree is known for its impressive stature, reaching heights of up to 50 to 60 feet with a symmetrical, conical shape. Its dense, emerald-green foliage consists of flat, scale-like leaves that form overlapping layers. These lush, evergreen needles create a year-round verdant canopy that is an effective privacy screen or windbreak, making it a favored choice for landscaping projects. Green Giant Arborvitae Is A Fast Grower It is characterized by its rapid growth rate, adding approximately 3 to 4 feet in height annually under optimal conditions. This rapid growth, coupled with its dense branching structure, makes it an ideal choice for those looking to establish a green barrier or create an attractive focal point in their landscape in a relatively short period. In addition to its height and lush foliage, it is known for its exceptional adaptability. It succeeds in diverse soil varieties and pH levels and can tolerate full sun and partial shade, making it versatile in planting locations. Additionally, it demonstrates exceptional resilience to common pests and diseases, which reduces the need for maintenance. Beyond practical aspects, it exudes a timeless aesthetic appeal. Whether used as a standalone specimen tree or as part of a hedge, it imparts a sense of grandeur to any landscape. Its vibrant green foliage contrasts beautifully with snowy winter landscapes, providing a year-round touch of elegance to gardens, parks, and residential areas alike. In summary, the Green Giant Arborvitae is a magnificent evergreen tree celebrated for its towering stature, rapid growth, adaptability, and aesthetic beauty. It symbolizes endurance and elegance, making it a cherished addition to landscapes seeking functionality and timeless charm.

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