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All about Docks - Identification and Control

Saturday, August 6

Creating a focal point with your dock

Docks are a family favorite for lakes, ponds, and even creeks because it allows families to spend some quality time together.

Around lakes especially, you will see so many docks with chairs, hammocks, and swings placed on the edge of the dock because with the look of many docks, you can feel like you are resting quietly and peacefully on top of the water.

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Docks come in all different sizes, widths, and lengths depending on how far you want them to go out into the water and what all you want to place on it. With docks, many homeowners want them to be extra wide to have room not only to get on and off their boat. Also, a place where they can have a slide into the water, a hammock to take those relaxing naps, chairs where they can sit on a warm summer’s evening and enjoy the evening and time together with family and friends.

Docks can be accented with many different water plants such as cattails, water lilies, or umbrella plants to make it a great focal point. Docks can be a great centerpiece and focal point for your backyard!

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10 Water Garden Plants - TN Nursery

10 Water Garden Plants

Explore the wonders of water-loving plants with TN Nursery's 10-pack of water garden plants. This package includes a variety of plants intended to help you discover how beneficial and appealing they can be. As always, when you shop at TN Nursery, your plants are protected for a year under our 100% guarantee. We also offer affordable prices on our 10-pack of garden water plants with our grower direct pricing. What's Included in the Water Garden Package 10-Pack? The talented experts at TN Nursery hand-select all garden water plants that go into your package based on which would be best for your growing conditions. While what you will receive will vary, here is a selection of plants you could find in your order: Cattails, which complement any garden water plant setup, as they stand up tall and prideful and have a distinct appearance. Bulrush, a sedge family member that attracts birds like egrets and herons. Water willow, a blooming plant that grows on the edges of a body of water or in the shallow depths. Water lily pads, a staple in any aquatic garden. Lily pads will grow pretty flowers and look appealing even when not in bloom. The Benefits of Growing Water Garden Plants There are so many reasons to incorporate water plants into your garden! Take a look. Add intrigue: A garden with a natural or manmade body of water, even if small, is a focal point of your yard. It will enchant all your visitors. Make your garden more unique: Garden water plants like lily pads, water willows, and cattails also increase the distinctiveness of your yard. You can take pride in the fact that you've created a nook that's truly your own. Easy to grow: Even if you've never grown water plants before, you'll find it's simpler than anticipated. These plants are pest-resistant, low-maintenance, and disease-resistant. Water Garden Plant Varieties at TN Nursery For more than 60 years, TN Nursery has helped gardeners create green spaces that flourish. We have a 100% guarantee for a year on all plants and offer fast shipping, so you don't have to wait as long for your water plants to arrive. Discover the fun of growing water-loving plants at TN Nursery. You'll receive 10 healthy plants at a fraction of the cost of what you'd pay elsewhere. We provide our low prices with our grower direct plants.

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