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11 Uses For Native Plants in your garden

Wetland Native Plants

A wetland is an area mainly covered with water for at least most of the time. Some examples of wetlands are swamp areas, ponds, water reserves, and state park beaches. These conditions produce different plant life that you may not typically find in the formal garden or open field.

These unique and beautiful plants are low maintenance and add a nice touch to any garden if you consider a wetland addition, such as a pond or fountain.

Among the many native wetland plants, you will find the bulrush, cattail, and duck potatoes. The bulrush is a variety of different wetland plants included in the Sedge family. The Sedge family consists of Bolboschoenus, Cyperus, Scirpus, and Scoenoplectus, explaining the many different types of plants under the bulrush name. Secondly, the cattail or the Typha Latifolia is another type of wetland plant. Thirdly, the duck potato has a very reasonable meaning behind its name. It forms potatoes-like clusters underground of the wetland area. This perennial plant or wetland plant belongs to the Sagittaria family, with its thick stalks and fan-like petals.

Some advantages of wetland plants are that they filter and clean the water they live in. They also retain water, which significantly offsets the chances of flooding in the vicinity of the wetland.

If you were to plant native wetland plants, this would mean no need to water these plants, which equals up to low maintenance on your part. That is especially helpful in a pond environment where other wildlife such as fish, frogs, and turtles cohabitate, as this eco-system is much self-cleaning!

The types of native wetland plants mentioned here are just a tiny percentage of what wetlands offer. They, by no means, touch on the vast amount of wetland plant species. Ranging from all different sizes, blooms, and native regions, the number of wetland native plant species goes on and on. With their beauty and self-sufficiency, native wetland plants are the perfect addition.

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10 Water Garden Plants - TN Nursery

10 Water Garden Plants

Explore the wonders of water-loving types with TN Nursery's 10-pack of water garden plants. This package includes a variety of plants intended to help you discover how beneficial and appealing they can be. As always, when you shop at TN Nursery, your flowers are protected for a year under our 100% guarantee. We also offer affordable prices on our pack with our grower direct pricing. What are Water Garden Plants? 10 Water Garden Plants is unique in that it includes vegetation that grows primarily or exclusively on ponds or creeks. It can include flowers and other types of vegetation that function as individual ecosystems. They do not sprout roots like other types of vegetation and instead provide their own nutrients to grow and blossom. Gardeners do not have to plant them as seeds in dirt and wait for them to sprout and grow as other types of vegetation do. What Do These types of Perennials Look Like? At first glance, you normally cannot tell the difference between them and other vegetation that may grow in your yard. However, they float on top of ponds, lakes, and other similar surfaces. They do not grow roots and stay firmly planted in the dirt. They also come in all sorts of colors, ranging from white to yellow and purple. They can become vibrant parts of a property on which they are included and make for unique and interesting showpieces. What are the Benefits Of These? They offer a variety of benefits to properties on which they are included. For one, they add bright colors and a unique look to landscaping. People who visit the property may stop and take in their beauty right away. Further, they also stabilize and add to the biodiversity of gardens and lawns in which they are added. They attract pollinators like bees and hummingbirds. They also can help filter and clean ponds, lakes, and other types of environments in which they grow. Finally, they are relatively easy to maintain. They essentially take care of themselves and provide their own sources of nutrients. They often do not require special care or upkeep. TN Nursery Offers Beautiful Aquatic Plants  You can find them for sale in businesses like greenhouses and nurseries that sell specialized vegetation. You can also find them in local hardware stores and big box retailers that have their own lawn care departments. An easier option could be to order them online and have them delivered to your home. You may get a higher level of quality and more selections when you browse online and purchase some for your property.

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6 Pack - Bulrush Plugs - TN Nursery


Bulrush offers a range of benefits when integrated into landscaping projects. These versatile plants, commonly found near water bodies, bring a distinct and natural charm to outdoor spaces while serving functional and ecological roles. Enjoy Color-Changing Foliage Of Bulrush Plugs Throughout the Year Bulrush plugs have long, droopy, dark green stems that are triangular in shape. The spongy stems support spikey blossoms that occasionally sag and reach just below the stem's tip. Each flower spike usually produces anywhere from 50 to 100 blooms that range from 1.5 to 4.5 inches in length each spring. The characteristic "V" shape of the leaf blades gives them a sheath-like appearance as they round the lengthy stem. Depending on the kind, flowers can be any shade of yellow, red, or brown. The most color change tends to occur towards the end of fall. Create Dramatic Silhouettes With TN Nursery The upright growth of their long, thin stems makes them a dramatic vertical feature in any setting. Their tall stalks provide a striking visual contrast when seen against a background of water. The foliage is verdant and showy in the spring and summer, with large spikes of flowers. In the fall, it can take on a golden or brown hue, creating a cozy background. When seen against the sky, particularly at dawn or sunset, the plugs form striking silhouettes. Stunning Ornamental Grass Their delicate texture produces lots of textural contrast when combined with the robust leaves of broad-leaved plants. They also pair well with the fluffy plumes of ornamental grasses. Their tall, thin stems and growth patterns give a sense of height and depth to their surroundings. They can get up to 10 feet tall. They have deep root systems that help keep soil in place. This is especially beneficial in areas with freshly exposed soil and sloped banks. A lot of people use them for wetland reclamation projects. When grown in clusters or rows, these plants act as wind barriers, further helping with erosion control. These wind barriers can also double as natural privacy screens. Another way that bulrushes improve soil vitality is by absorbing harmful metals and bacteria. This reduces water pollution, making the soil healthier and less likely to erode.

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