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10 Ways that Shade Trees Reduce Costs

Using Shade Trees to Reduce Cooling Costs

Using an air conditioner to keep your house fresh during these hot summer months can cause your electric bills to skyrocket. An easy and beautiful money-saving solution is to plant shade trees in strategic locations around your home.

By blocking the sun during its peak hours, usually in the morning and early afternoon, you could cut those costs by up to 25%.

With so many choices, picking the right tree for your needs can be challenging. Deciduous trees, or those that lose their leaves each year, are an excellent choice. October Glory Maple trees make perfect shade trees. They create a leafy canopy to shade your entire house. They can also cover your driveway and sidewalk, which collect heat from sun exposure. When the colder months come, they drop their leaves, which allows the winter sun to make its way through and warm your house.

Another benefit is to provide shade for your air conditioning unit. When an air conditioner is exposed to full sun, its efficiency is decreased. Unlike sheds or awnings, which can trap the hot air being expelled, this allows proper ventilation while still blocking the sun. Be sure to trim any low-hanging branches that come within a few feet of the air conditioner, as they could prevent airflow to and from the unit.

When planting shade trees, remember how tall they will grow through the years. Some varieties, such as Japanese Maple or Dogwood, are shorter and aren't likely to grow more than 15-20 feet tall. Like the American Elm or White Oak, others can grow to be more than twice that size. Choose one that will be the most beneficial to your house. While a smaller tree may be more aesthetically pleasing to you, it may not be large enough to give the amount of shade you are looking for. Also, give thought to where you plan your house. While a densely packed row may seem to give the most shade, it may block airflow. If done correctly, you can use them to direct cool breezes toward your home, doing even more to reduce your electric bills.

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Red Maple Tree - TN Nursery

Red Maple Tree

Red Maple trees are native to North America and are known for their striking spring scarlet flowers, brilliant fall foliage, and distinctive twigs and leaf stems. They are versatile and aesthetically pleasing choices for landscaping and offer various benefits that enhance outdoor spaces. With their striking foliage, adaptable nature, and environmental contributions, red maple trees have become popular options for residential and commercial landscaping projects.  When it comes to gardens, the Red Maple Tree is a special case because it often exceeds 100 feet in height. Its imposing nature and brilliantly colored foliage during the spring and fall make it a breathtaking sight in any garden. Obviously, it is a focal point because it will dominate any garden landscape. The Flowers Of This Beauty This plant won't produce blooms until it is roughly eight years old. When the flowers do emerge from them, they are tiny and scarlet, giving this maple its name. Interestingly, these pretty little flowers emerge as early as December each year, so they will add splashes of crimson to the winter landscape in the garden. The male and female flowers are each a different shade, adding to the color palette of this stately plant. The flowers of this plant fade by the end of May, but the plant still looks like it's got flowers in bloom after pollination of the flowers. After the flowers fall away, beautiful samaras form in clusters throughout the summer, forming a wonderful contrast with the leaves. The Leaves Of The Tree Speaking of the leaves, they are lush and verdant, having one of the most famous shapes of any leaf in the plant kingdom. As the leaves turn colors in the autumn, they're not just one color. Gorgeous streaks of orange and yellow form throughout it, creating an almost kaleidoscopic effect as the eyes take in the majesty of the plant. TN Nursery Offers Healthy And Affordable Plants Because this plant has so many colors, it goes well with many perennials of different shades, accentuating the colors of the other plants in the garden and vice versa. Because it is such a large plant for any garden, it's just right as a host for epiphytic plants to grow upon it. In this way, this plant can be integrated into the garden. Environmental Impact Of The Red Maple Tree Particularly for bumble bees, this plant is a necessary part of the food cycle as winter turns to spring. Because it flowers so early, it provides an exceptional source of pollen and nectar for hungry pollinators before almost any other plants bloom or produce leaves. These plants also help prevent soil erosion with their root systems, especially in areas with a wet climate.

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White Oak Tree - TN Nursery

White Oak Tree

White Oak Tree is a; majestic and long-lived deciduous tree native to eastern North America. It is known for its iconic rounded crown, deeply lobed leaves, and valuable wood used in furniture and construction. Growing it on your property can be an excellent way to branch out and tend to new types of plants. One such option that you consider is the oak, the white oak, more specifically. The white oak tree is a more distinctly recognizable species that many hold in high regard. Let's take a closer look at why this plant is so revered and why you might wish to make space for it in your yard. White Oak Tree Is a Major Source of Food for Nearby Critters This acorns are said to be the most palatable out of all of the trees in its species, which makes it especially appealing to local wildlife looking for a snack. Its low-hanging branches tend to offer food for wildlife like deer, while those higher up, like birds, often spend time in its branches to catch insects. These magnificent plants support a whole ecosystem, attracting various critters that will also benefit other areas of your property. The Distinguished Tree Offers Shelter for Local Wildlife Beyond just food, these towering spectacles offer shelter in the form of cavities that form in it, often housing smaller rodents or flying creatures. If you're a fan of either, you're sure to enjoy seeing families of animals call your great and mighty addition their new home. There are some areas of your property that might need something much larger to fill the space, and these trees are a wonderful and welcome addition. Over time, they can grow up to 80 or even 100 feet tall, towering over your property. Who knows? You may even want to plant multiple trees throughout your property and create a pathway of these awe-inspiring monoliths. The Tree Tends To Benefit Their Surroundings Like any other tree, these trees present a broad range of uses, including reducing soil erosion with strong root systems and providing shade for other plants that need it. Unlike any other trees, this species is said to be more resistant to rot, which means that they may encounter fewer issues regardless of whether you're transplanting them or growing them from a sapling. Find At TN Nursery Today

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