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Shumard Oak Tree

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    Shumard Oak trees

    Posted by Bartleson on 6th Jan 2020

    Trees came in quick and were packaged neat and securely. Trees are currently dormant, but seem to be in good shape. Once spring warm up come then the whole truth will show, but till then everything seems great.

  • 5
    Shumard Oak Tree

    Posted by Stan Scissom on 27th Aug 2019

    The shipping was fast and the packaging was great.

  • 5
    Shumard Oak Tree

    Posted by Cindy Hawk on 22nd Aug 2019

    these are beautiful

  • 5
    Great Plants

    Posted by Karren Potts on 27th Sep 2018

    Received my trees very impressed. The shipping was fast and the packaging was great. Will be ordering again soon.

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Shumard Oak Tree is a Low Maintenance, Fast Growing Deciduous

Shumard Oak Tree – Quercus shumardii is a low-maintenance, relatively fast-growing tree that thrives in urban areas. It can be planted near structures or streets because of its shallow root system. Shumard Oak Trees can reach 80 feet in height and are ideal for many areas, including those with colder climates.


Shumard Oak is an Excellent Choice for Shade and Vibrant Fall Foliage


Due to the width of the crown, the Shumard oak makes a great shade tree. In the fall it also adds color since the leaves turn from green into vibrant red and orange fall colors. Instead of flowers, this oak tree bears acorns which also provide many small animals and birds with a source of food. The Shumard oak tree thrives in a variety of soil types, such as moist, sandy or clay. This particular kind of oak tree is also tolerant of harsh conditions like drought and wind. One of the only requirements to take into consideration when planting a Shumard oak tree is that it needs full sun exposure. The Shumard Oaktree has simple green leaves that alternate from 4 to 8 inches long and turn reddish yellow-brown in the fall.

Shumard Oak is a hardy tree.

It is a good street tree that provides moderate shade. The Shumard Oaktree is a native habitat for butterflies. It grows best in zones 5 to 9. The Shumard Oak likes full to partial sun. It does well in a variety of soil types, including sand, clay, and moist soil. The Shumard Oak tree grows to heights of 40 to 60 feet with a full spread in old age. It is a hardy tree that withstands drought and wind. The scientific name for the Shumardi Oaktree is Quercus Schumardii.

Zones: 5 - 9
Mature Height: 60 - 80 ft.
Width: 40 - 50 ft.
Shape: Rounded Shape
Growth: Medium to fast
Sunlight: Full Sun
Soil: Moist, well-drained soil
Botanical name: Quercus shumardii


The Shumard Oak Tree is a native species to North American and also goes by the name of Spotted Oak. This species commonly found in Texas and Georgia. Shumard Oaks is a large tree species that can grow to be roughly 100 feet tall. These deciduous species have thick, dark gray bark that is relatively smooth. For most of the year, the leaves of this tree species are dark green. In the fall months, however, the leaves typically turn a deep shade of scarlet that is exceptionally captivating. Due to its large size, the Shumard Oak is a great shade tree in landscape settings. 


 One the Shumard Oak planted, it is easily managed and requires little effort from you. It is a tolerant tree species that can survive the cold and a variety of soil types including clay and sandy soil. Shumard Oaks require moderate water intake and therefore require little additional watering on your part. It is a charming ornamental tree that is fast growing. This species is also known to be disease resistant and long-lasting. If you are looking for a large shade tree that not only looks impressive but is highly tolerant, then the Shumard Oak is a smart choice for you.

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