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Seedlings For Zone 3 include Smooth Sumac, River Birch and Redbud

Smooth Sumac Seedling
Smooth Sumac Seedlings are extremely easy to plant, and they are very fast growers. Once established, Smooth Sumac Seedlings will grow two to three feet every year. As small trees, they will adapt well to many different types of soil types. They make for magnificent ornamental trees and look great in any yard and on any lawn. They also produce amazing, brilliant colors of leaves during the fall months. The Smooth Sumac is a perennial tree has pretty good tolerance to drought conditions. A white and waxy coating covers the branches and stems, and the seeds it produces are a yellow hue.

River Birch Seedling
The River Birch is part of the birch family of trees. As its name suggests, you will often find this beautiful and unique tree growing along the sides of riverbanks, but it is a tolerant tree that can be used in a variety of settings. Its cinnamon colored, curling bark is distinctive of its species and makes it both an ornamental and a shade tree. The River Birch seedlings can be delivered to your home or yard and used for shade, decoration or on hillsides and riverbanks to prevent erosion. Once the seedlings mature you will see brown and green catkins growing in April and May, then the tree will produce tiny nutlets May until June.

Redbud Seedlings
Redbud Trees greet the spring with thousands of gorgeous lavender or pink blossoms. The beautiful flowers even grow right on the trunk of the tree. The leaves are a glossy green and the perfect accent to the fantastic clusters of blossoms. The flowers attract lovely butterflies and sweet little hummingbirds. The blooms are edible, and the nutty taste is delightful in a salad or sprinkled on pancakes. Redbud trees proliferate from seeds and are one of the first trees to come to life in the spring. They grow well in either sun or partial shade and will grace your home with beauty. The Redwood tree has no problem with cold climates and is an extremely hardy tree.

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