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Shop Zone 3 to find all your gardening favorites with the professionals at TN Nursery. We have everything in stock for a successful growing season, from spring-blooming classics to late-summer essentials.

Whether you're a lifelong gardener or a budding green thumb, we have a selection of plants to build your best landscape yet. Even the coldest temperatures are no match for our cultivars, including some of the hardiest varieties from around the world.

Planting Considerations While You Shop Zones

This particular zone is one of the coldest geographic segments of the United States. Withstanding winter temperatures as low as -40° F or -30°F, this area includes the northern sections of Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Maine, and New York.

The long, cold winters so common to Zone 3 can be difficult to navigate for beginning gardeners. It's a good idea to consider your environment and evaluate zone-specific considerations before purchasing new plants.

You should look for extremely hardy plants, particularly those able to withstand prolonged freezing weather. Speaking of freezing, frost is a major consideration in this zone. The last frost date for growers is typically May 15, but it could be two weeks earlier or later.

It may take a long time to heat your soil in the spring. If you're looking to extend the season, try a greenhouse, row cover, or rock garden.

The more you understand your plant hardiness zone, the more successful you will be during the growing season.

Browse These Fan-Favorite Cultivars

Growers in more northern climates love TN Nursery. With dozens of plants picked just for this zone, we make it quick and easy to shop cultivars for your area.

Some of our customer's favorite selections include:

1. Hosta: A leafy favorite in colder climates, the hosta is a showy plant with dark green, patterned foliage.
2. Coneflower: If you're looking for a colorful plant with medicinal qualities, the coneflower may be an excellent option.

3. Elderberry bush: This hardy bush is an excellent option for harvesting backyard berries.

And don't forget: every plant from TN Nursery comes with a 100% guarantee. We promise you'll have great success, or we'll work to make things right.

Why Customers Choose TN Nursery To Shop Zone 3

Gardeners rely on TN Nursery for the highest quality plants for northern hardiness zones. We don't just provide an incredible selection - our bare-root packaging saves up to 400% on shipping costs. No matter what your gardening dreams may be, we can help bring them to life.