NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Perennials are one of the most sought-after flowers in a garden.

They range in different colors and sizes. Some do well in shaded areas, while others thrive in the sun and a mixture of those that can withstand shade and sun.

Daffodils love sunny areas, and they are one of spring's first blooming perennials. They do exceptionally well in areas of full sun and withstand drought conditions very well also. Daffodils have a lemon yellow bloom and also multiply well in the late summer months.

Virginia Blue Bells

Virginia Blue Bells is a shade-loving perennial that lives for decades and is another one of spring's first blooming perennial plants. They can withstand some sun, but they thrive in damp, shaded areas with little sun required. Bluebells have bell-like lobes with colors of lavender and blue and even some pink in areas where the soil is not acidic.

Another early summer bloomer is chicory plants. They are a very well-maintained perennial plant that loves drought so well they grow wild on roadsides in south-eastern states. Chicory has lavender blooms and thrives in full sun. They open up and bloom in the early morning hours and close back up near lunchtime. It's an odd plant that is a beautiful one also.

If you're looking for hardy plants in most zones, perennial plants are perfect for low-maintenance gardens. They live for years, most over a decade, most reproduce, and offer you beautiful blooms year after year without having to be taken up for harsh winter weather.

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