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Shade Trees Are An Important Addition To Any Landscape

Shade Trees Are An Important Addition To Any Landscape

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jan 27 , 2016

Shade Trees- An Important Addition To Any Landscape

Shade Trees, as the name suggests, are grown mainly for their shade but they do serve other purposes as well. Shade trees act as shelters for birds and squirrels. Most of them also have wonderful fall foliage. These trees are very dense and they provide cool shade during the hot summer months.

Fall or spring season is the best time to plant these trees as the weather conditions are ideal. You can get countless varieties of shade trees in a reputed nursery. These trees are available as balled & burlapped or bare root stock. You can also find young container grown trees that can easily be transplanted in your yard.

Most of these trees have a very long life span and they can survive for more than hundred years. This is one of the reasons that make shade trees a wonderful addition to any landscape. They are permanent and they can add to the beauty of your home for many years.

Shade trees also help reduce the cost of cooling your home during hot summer months. The dense shade of these trees falling on the house can help in lowering the temperature.

When choosing shade trees for your garden, consider their shape and size that they attain on maturity. Many trees like Oak and Sycamore grow up to become gigantic. They need a lot space and their roots spread with time. They should be planted in an area that is away from the foundation of your house, walls or any other building.

Growing shade trees in your garden is a long term investment so it is advisable to always go in for the best quality trees that can thrive and enhance the landscape. A reputed nursery can help you in making a choice and they will also give you tips on transplanting. Trees need a lot of care and maintenance but your hard work will surely be compensated whenever you’ll lay eyes on beautiful thriving trees in your yard.

Some great shade trees that you can choose from are Sycamore, Sugar Maple, Sweetgum, Tulip Polar, Majestic Oak, Silver Maple, White Oak, American Beech, River Birch, Cottonwood and Pin Oak. They can provide you perfect shade in the hot and humid summer months. You can create some unforgettable memories amongst these majestic trees and your kids would love to play in their shade.

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