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Tn Nurseries Best Selling Flowering Plants

1. Virginia Blue Bells

2. Forsythia

3. Hydrangea

4. Phlox

5. Orange Daylilies

Forsythia (Forsythia suspensa) are large shrubs that produce an abundance of tiny yellow flowers before the leaves appear on the arching branches.
The blooms appear in early spring and make a dramatic sight against the bare grayish-brown branches of the forsythias shrub and barren spring landscape.
Hardy in growing zones 5-8, this favorite flowering plant will reach a mature size of around 10 feet tall and equally as full.

Flowering plants are often shrubs and perennials

Hydrangeas (Hydrangea macrophylla) is a large growing shrub that can change bloom colors. Hardy in growing zones 3-9, this summer blooming shrub is happy in any soil type and enjoys partial shade. Plenty of water is needed to keep this favorite flowering plant thriving.
Bloom color will depend on the type of soil it’s planted in. Acidic soil will usually produce blue blooms, and alkaline soil produces pink flowers. Purple and white flowers can also appear on the plant, depending on the type of land the shrub is growing in.
Blooms consist of a multitude of tiny flowers, can be up to a foot in width and make excellent cut or dried herbs.

Flowering perennials are elegant accents to a landscape

Aside from being beautiful, wildflowers are a favorite blooming plant because they require no care from humans.
Happily growing and reproducing in their native habitat, every growing zone, and climate will have its unique varieties of wildflowers that will bloom from spring through fall.
Wildflower varieties are ideal for planting in low-maintenance landscapes.
Gardener’s favorite plants, a perennial can be planted once and enjoyed for years. These plant types range in all sizes, shapes and bloom colors. Many ground covers, flowers, shrubs, and trees are perennials and will thrive when planted in the right location and given the proper maintenance.
Read plant requirements when selecting perennials for your landscape so you will get desired results.

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