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Fall Colored Trees

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Fall Colored Trees

The beauty of Autumn is fleeting. It's best seen in person, and you don't want to miss it!

Tracking down best areas for gorgeous colors in Autumn It isn't very easy knowing where to and view nature in its Fall season of Glory with vibrant fall foliages still on trees. Some think the Mountains, while other are the Catskills or near lakes or ponds. We all love to travel, but it can be hard to know where you should visit to see all Autumn's stunning Glory! The US is a big country with so many great places to visit and things to see. Where do you start? And what about the best time of year? We just might have the answers for you!

The Top US States To Visit For Falls Vibrant Tree Colors

 This list of the most popular places in the country for vivid Fall tree colors will help you decide where to visit this year.

For anyone looking for the top states in America that are perfect for Fall foliage viewing, the list includes both popular national parks and lesser-known destinations that will help make your trip extra special.


For Fall's colorful display, the top US states to visit are Colorado, Tennessee, New England, and Virginia.


 Aspen Colorado

This mountainous region is best known as a skiing hotspot, but it has plenty of vibrant trees that will make you forget about the snow-covered mountaintops.

If you're on the east coast, don't miss out on visiting New England during this period because there are many beautiful colors around Vermont and Massachusetts in particular! The state with the most color changes throughout Autumn would be Virginia due to its high number of deciduous forests, so check them all out while they last! 

Maplewood State Forest in Vermont

 This autumn season, the best places around the country to see a display of Fall's most colorful leaves is visiting Aspen, CO, or taking a trip through Maplewood State Forest located in Vermont.

Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee

Being the most visited national park in the US makes this a hotspot for fall foliage. There's wildlife in abundance also like Elk, Deer, Wild Turkeys, and black bears. Mix these two combinations, and no wonder Tennessee is a favorite for so many people. The hiking and nature trails are also an added luxury for those seeking nature at its fullest.