Crabapple Tree

Crabapple Tree

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Over 20 Feet
Planting Zones 4-8
November Through April
Full Sun
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Crabapple Tree


Crabapple Tree: A TN Nursery favorite for its gorgeous blossoms in the middle of spring, the crabapple tree is a deciduous native tree growing in most USDA growing zones.


The size of a crabapple tree is ideal for a smaller yard, as it stays between twenty to thirty feet at maturity. The crabapple tree creates an attractive ornamental feature for a shade garden without overshadowing an entire yard.


Besides using the beautiful crabapple tree to establish a shade garden, many property owners plant several to line a driveway or define a property line. The uses for this tree are almost limitless.


The Crabapple Tree Requires Little Care


A crabapple tree is an easy-care option. It is a native of the American east coast's forested areas. It grows naturally in sunny clearings and meadows along the south- and west-facing wood lines near hardwood forests. It needs at least six hours of direct sunshine daily to flourish.


Consider those factors when you select a planting spot. You need lots of sunshine, quick drainage, and soil amended with generous amounts of organic woody materials. Once you give it those favorable growing conditions, your crabapple tree will thrive.


Besides that, you will do only routine care, including an inch of water weekly during hot or dry spells, occasional pruning to keep it shaped attractively, and feeding it some compost at least twice yearly. These few plant care steps will pay off in a few years as a vigorous tree with profuse, fragrant blossoms.


The Crabapple Tree Is Enchanting in the Spring


The crabapple tree wakes up from the winter in the early to middle weeks of spring and begins the work of generating new growth. Fresh buds emerge to show off for the world by mid to late spring.


The star-shaped five-petal flowers measure just under two inches across. Although they are on the smallish size, they occur in abundance, lighting up the entire tree with color. Blossoms generally present as bright pink, but a few trees produce lighter, blush-pink flowers--both are stunning!


Bees, butterflies, and other pollinators will alight on your tree--they find these bright flowers a valuable nectar source.


The tree trunk and brown are light brown, attractive, with a lightly scaled texture. The foliage forms an open crown shape, with light green, oval leaves with toothy edges and a pale green underside.


Towards the end of summer, the tree bears crabapple fruits. Many people leave the fruit on the trees for local wildlife to enjoy during the cold winter months ahead.


Order Your Crabapple Tree From TN Nursery Today


The crabapple tree is a springtime beauty, but it also serves as shade for your yard in the summer heat and bears fruit to nourish birds, squirrels, and other forest friends. Please place your order with TN Nursery today.





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    Posted by Dink Goodwin on Jan 05, 2022

    My mother has been wanting one of these for forever. We could never find anyone that sold them till we found this website, we ordered one and it came in thriving. We planted it and it’s already got leaves on it. I will buy from here again. Thanks

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