Crab Apple Tree

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    Crab Apple Tree

    Posted by Sara Jennings on 22nd Aug 2019

    these are just gorgeous

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Crabapple Trees Ships In Sizes 2-3 Feet Height Affordable For Sale Grower Direct Prices Tennessee Wholesale Nursery

Buy Fast Growing Crabapple -- Malus Angustifolia

The Crabapple is sometimes called the "jewel of the landscape," and it's no wonder because this tree brings you the beauty in every season. In the spring, the Crabapple bursts into many delicate flowers in varying colors of pink, white and pale red. The beautiful flowers last until spring. The leaves then turn bright green, and the Crabapple fruit emerges. In the fall, the Crabapple's leaves turn crimson, orange, and yellow to create another stunning display.

Crabapples are a favorite of squirrels and birds of all kinds. If you enjoy watching your furred and feathered friends, you'll have endless entertainment watching them play in your Crabapple tree. Crabapple fruits are similar to apples but smaller in size. They are edible but tart.

The Crabapple grows to a maximum of 15 to 20 feet. This makes it ideal for small lots and yards. Your Crabapple will provide welcome shade and a constantly changing display that you'll enjoy every day. The Crabapple is hardy in zones 4 through 8. It can withstand cold temperatures and is a durable wood that resists branch breakage.

Crabapples are easy to plant and maintain. They're also fast-growing. Plant your Crabapple in full sun to encourage a rounded, canopy shape of flowers. This creates a truly romantic touch anywhere in your yard.

Crabapples do well in soil that is primarily loamy clay or loamy sand. They are low-maintenance once they are established. Water your tree frequently during the first year and protect it with mulch. Prune any water sprouts or other growths after the tree flowers or in late winter. This will help keep your Crabapple healthy and blooming.

Our Crabapple trees are shipped to you in bare root form. They are ready to plant and ready to give you years of lasting beauty.

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A crab apple tree often planted near other fruit trees as a way to pollinate them. The fruit that grows from the tree is usually full of flavor and is commonly used to attract deer and other animals. The blossoms on the tree are typically white with a small light pink or pale yellow center and tend to give off a delightful aroma that smells like apples. 


 The fruit that grows on a crab apple tree usually isn't very big, making it easier to pluck from the branches. Most trees are planted for decoration as they can bloom longer than other types of fruit trees that you might have in your yard. Most trees will have flowers on them for about four weeks. Apples typically begin growing late in the summer, often reaching a peak in August. Leaves usually stay on a crab apple tree until cold weather arrives and the first frost. The leaves then turn to gold, yellow depending on how much water the tree has had, the growing season and the temperatures. Most crab apple trees don't require a lot of pruning and are easy to begin growing in all climates, especially those that have a warm spring season.

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