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American Beech Seedlings

American Beech Seedlings: TN Nursery offers American beech seedlings--one of North America's most abundant trees. Fabus grandifolia is better known as the American beech tree, beechnut tree, red beech, white beech, or ridge beech--depending on what part of the country you're from.

American beech came from the once-dense hardwood forests along the eastern coastline. They thrive from Maine to Florida and west to Texas, all the way to the Mexican border.

They are easy-care trees. Once your American beech seedlings reach maturity, the tree will be disease-resistant, heat-tolerant, cold-tolerant, and drought-resistant.

How to Care for American Beech Seedlings

As a hardwood forest native species, the beech tree prefers either full sunshine or a partially shaded spot--site selection is the key to success. It also flourishes in rich, woodsy soil that mimics its native environment. So adding hardwood mulch, peat moss, or compost is a must in the earliest growth stages.

If you don't get about an inch of rain each week, you will also need to give your American beech seedlings the water it needs to grow. However, that care demand diminishes as your tree establishes healthy roots.

Your American Beech Seedlings Will Grow Into Handsome Trees

Your American beech seedlings will grow into handsome trees with attractively rounded crowns. It will be a medium- to tall-height tree, with a maximum height of around eighty feet and a canopy width of up to sixty feet. Its trunk will be well-proportioned, about three feet around, and develop attractive bark with a somewhat smooth texture.

The leaves of the American beech tree are oval to oblong, alternating on sturdy zig-zag stems. Leaves measure up to five inches in length and two or three inches across. They have serrated edges and form a lovely cluster towards the ends of their branches. The leaves are rich emerald and glossy on top and lighter green on the bottom.

The tree has petite yellow flowers that bloom in the early to middle weeks of spring and produce the famously delicious beech nut.

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