Virginia Bluebell

Virginia Bluebells, a Beautiful Spring Species

Adding beautiful colors to your garden with the Virginia Bluebells

The Virginia Bluebell is a stunning plant and looks beautiful. It would make a lovely addition to

Your garden and they grow wonderfully in a pleasant environment. Virginia Bluebells are also.

Known as Mertensia Virginica, is an impressive wildflower that, when you grow them, are

Blue and purple, but at the end of their cycle are pink. The pink flowers form in clusters at the

End of a stem that is two feet tall and offers lush foliage at the same time.

Bluebells are perennials

A natural flower of spring, they grow, and most trees have these next to them. A unique fact about

These flowers are when they disappear. They don't die. They go dormant, and you will have to

Remember where you planted them so that you don't disturb the roots. These are great plants to

Cultivate in the middle of spring or late spring. If you decide to wait to plant it in the summer,

Waiting until mid-summer is the best idea. The bluebells are both rabbit and deer resistant, as

Well, as being able to reproduce. That is a significant benefit to people that live in suburban areas.

Or rural areas. Buy Virginia Bluebells

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