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Tree Care and Maintenance | TN


Proper care and maintenance are necessary because most trees can have a life span of 150 to 300 years. They prove to be an excellent investment for many generations.

Some of the critical things that can help in the care and maintenance of trees are—

Checking the Trees for Abnormalities- Keeping a regular check on the trees can help in identifying any problem areas. It is advisable to inspect the tree quite often and look for any signs of damage and decay that can potentially harm it. Dieback of the crown, stunted growth, trunk decay, and deformed growth are the common signs that indicate that the tree is severely damaged. Pests and insects can be controlled by applying pesticides and other chemicals.

Pruning is crucial to maintaining the tree, so it continues to thrive. Pruning can be done to get the desired shape. However, during the initial growth years, some of the branches and leaves are pruned away so that the tree develops a healthy root system. Diseased, dead, or infested branches also should be pruned away so that the infection or disease does not spread to the entire tree. It is essential to learn from experience by monitoring the tree’s response to pruning. Heavy pruning is not recommended as it can damage the entire tree. You can seek help from professionals for getting the mature trees pruned as they are tricky.

Mulching- Mulching is very effective in maintaining the temperature of soil around the roots. Temperature changes do not stress out this way, the plants, and trees. Mulching also helps retain more moisture in the soil for extended periods. It is advisable to apply mulch around the tree, ensuring that the bark or trunk is not in direct contact with it. Moist mulch can damage the trunk if it is in direct contact for a prolonged period. Remove rotten mulch and replace it with a fresh layer to maintain healthy growing conditions for the tree.

These are some of the tips for the care and maintenance of different varieties of trees. You can try growing some fantastic trees in your garden to enjoy their numerous benefits.

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