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Care for Transplanted Trees

Newly transplanted trees require much care and maintenance to recover from the transplanting shock.

Post-planting care and maintenance are crucial for the tree as it has to establish itself in a new location. If the tree is not cared for, it might eventually die.

The first couple of years is essential as this is when the tree actively grows to establish itself by expanding the root system. Some of the primary things that should be kept in mind after transplanting trees to a new location are—


—Water is one of the basic requirements, and the newly transplanted tree should be watered soon after planting. Ensure that the tree is well-watered at all times to avoid drought conditions. Transplanted trees need a sufficient supply of water as they develop actively. However, it is equally essential to ensure the tree is not over-watered. Overwatering can cause root rot and damage the tree. The soil should be kept moist but not soggy at all times.


—Transplanted trees do not require a lot of fertilization as soon as they are planted. Application of fertilizer once every 2-3 years is sufficient for them. If the soil lacks some essential nutrients, it can be compensated by using fertilizers.


—Soon after planting, cover the soil with mulch. Mulching will help retain moisture in the soil for more extended periods, and it will also protect the tree from getting damaged in extreme weather conditions.


—Some of the trees might need mechanical support initially to stand erect. The technique of staking can be used to provide support to the tree. Tying the tree to stakes with the help of nylon or fabric strips can serve the purpose. Removing the stakes as soon as possible is essential because the tree will become stronger if removed early.

Source of Information on the Care and Maintenance of Newly Transplanted Trees