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Tn Nursery - Ways to Create Privacy Borders

Tn Nursery has helped me immensely with finding the perfect privacy borders. Jan Hudson, AK

You can use it as a hedge, blind, or privacy and shape it any way you choose. The foliage is dense and dark so that you can reduce noise levels from neighbors or road traffic by 65%.

TN Nurseries best selling privacy shrubs

Burning bush

Crape Myrtles



Red Wegelia

The Ritz Herald

Another evergreen conifer that makes a suitable blind for privacy is the Spruce Pine Tree. The Spruce Pine is dark green and reaches 25-30 feet tall. It also is hardy in most zones and is a full shade or sun tree. It can be formed in a hedge like a hemlock, but it's a pretty majestic evergreen tree.

Private is another good evergreen hedge shrub. The privet is a good privacy hedge shrub that doesn't exceed heights over 4-5 feet tall. Most evergreen conifers are super hardy in cooler climates too. You get year-round beauty when you choose to plant evergreens.

TN Nursery is a source. Buy a Variety of Evergreen Conifers



Red Weigelia - TN Nursery

Red Weigelia

Red weigelia is a deciduous ornamental plant known for its profusion of tubular, dark-scarlet to pinkish-scarlet flowers that attract pollinators and add a splash of color to garden landscapes. It is a versatile and attractive shrub commonly used in landscaping to enhance the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces. With its stunning trumpet-shaped flowers and unique foliage, this plant brings several benefits to landscaping projects. Red Weigelia is one of a number of attractive cultivars that were developed after the importation of the flowers to England from Japan in 1845. Scarlet is only one of the colors present in this array of cultivars, and others include pink, purple, or even orange. But the crimson version is among the prettiest, especially when combined with the finely tapered and slightly serrated leaves. They Have Tons Of Flowers The flowers, although not broad or showy, still make a lasting impact because of the purity of their color and the fineness of their shape. The delicateness of their 2-inch length belies their incredible hardiness, often blooming from the last frost until the first frost, dominating the space below the 12-inch line in the garden. These fantastic flowers don't just look good, either. These trumpet-shaped blooms smell like sweet citrus, filling the air with a delightful aroma that attracts human visitors to your garden as well as pollinators. The Leaves Of Shrub They're about 4 or 5 inches long, slender, and finely tapered. They form an eye-pleasing green bed that accentuates the marvelous blooms all throughout the spring and summer into fall. The petioles are short, which allows the leaves to overlap one another for a splendid layered effect. In the bright sunshine, especially on dewy mornings, the light will reflect off of the flowers, which will then lend their hue to the leaves. This creates a fine multicolored effect. Red Weigelia Is Great for a Tiered Presentation Because this shrub and its flowers grow only to about a foot in height, taller plants of the same or similar colors can be planted behind them. That's what creates the tiered look. These flowers look absolutely smashing, surrounding a focal point in a garden, such as an imposing tree. Combining them with an epiphytic plant of the same color that climbs the trunk creates a quirky and beautiful botanical palette. TN Nursery Loves To Save Pollinators These flowers are important for pollinators like hummingbirds and bees. Having species in the garden that attract different species of pollinators is crucial for the success of both the garden and the environment as a whole. The leaves are also a necessary part of the life cycle of certain butterflies, which adds to the plant's beneficial environmental impact.

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