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Tn Nursery Served The Discovery Channel

The Tennessee Wholesale Nursery has been honored to help out a wide variety of large and small organizations. It includes the Discovery Channel, one of the world's largest media organizations, known for producing exceptional reputable programs on a wide variety of educational topics. The TN Nursery was honored to provide plants to the Discovery Channel for their programs and was thrilled to receive positive feedback from the station about the experience.

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Tn Nursery is Meeting The Needs of the Discovery Channel

  • "As part of a new series for the Discovery Channel, we wanted to film buds opening for time-lapse photography; Tammy understood what we needed, the deadline we were up against, and the problems we'd previously had with other suppliers. Filming for the Discovery means we must always go that extra mile, and Tammy did. She immediately identified trees to perfect our needs and us great plants to the set right on time. The trees arrived in excellent condition and were ready for us to begin filming." Mandi Stark, Discovery Wildlife Production
  • The Discovery Channel Wildlife Production Team was filming a new series that requires time-lapse photography of flower buds. It means the program will showcase what happens to flower buds over time. While the buds of flowers start to close, they eventually open up under the right environmental conditions. It could include more sunlight or warmer weather. The station wanted to show the audience what happens when the flower buds open, going from a small, closed structure to an open, gorgeous flower.

    The team from the nursery worked closely with the Discovery Channel to figure out precisely what trees and buds needed. It includes the type of tree required, how many trees and buds were needed, and the time of year the buds were supposed to open. The team worked hard to meet the station's needs and was honored to find the perfect trees to meet their needs, staying in constant contact to find the right plants.

    What Viewers Learn on Discovery Channel Programming

    The trees provided to Discovery Channel can be used on various programs; however, the shows are intended to be educational. Numerous shows highlight the importance of nature, including:

  • The Blue Planet: This iconic documentary series from David Attenborough highlights plants and animals that live deep underwater. This series is eight episodes long.
  • Planet Earth: This docuseries includes David Attenborough and explores the plants and animals that live in the forests, jungles, and arctic. This series is 11 episodes long.
  • Life: This is another show from the BBC Natural History Unit that follows plants and animals, exploring a wide variety of ecosystems worldwide.
  • Discovery Channel programming is intended to be viewed by people of all ages, giving everyone an inside look at what plants and animals need to do to survive and thrive. There are numerous essential topics that viewers can explore regarding flowers, plants, and trees. A few key topics covered include:

  • Programming can explain to viewers why certain plants grow better in some areas than others.
  • Shows will detail how photosynthesis works, which is how plants access the nutrients they need to grow.
  • Many episodes explore the symbiotic relationships between plants and animals.
  • Programming also explores the threats of climate change and how this impacts the growth of certain plants in certain parts of the world.
  • Many documentaries explore rare, unique, and exotic plants found in specific locations.
  • To put on such amazing shows, the team from the station has to have access to the perfect plants to meet the goals of the episode. When Discovery Channel needs the best plants possible, they turn to the experts from the TN Nursery.

    Who the Tennessee Wholesale Nursery Can Serve

    The nursery can serve everyone who needs helps with flowers, trees, and plants, both large and small. For example, numerous individuals and families have wholesale plant needs and turn to the nursery for help. Then, small businesses all over the country do the same. When some giant corporations and media empires need help with their plants, they also turn to the Tennessee Nursery. It includes the Discovery Channel. It has been a true honor to make sure that the station had all of its needs met. The nursery team always goes the extra mile to meet the needs of its clients, ensuring that all plants always arrive in the best condition possible. It will also be exciting to see the plants front and center in future programming!

    Since the early 1980s, there's been a significant push to combat climate change using trees, shrubs, and gardens. Tennessee Nursery is proud to provide a wide variety of trees, shrubs, and flowers for homesteading, gardening, and landscaping. For three generations, countless families and small businesses have partnered with TN Nursery, investing in various plants for a myriad of needs. Some of the biggest companies in the world, including the architects of Trump Towers, have partnered with Tennessee Nursery to meet their needs.

    Numerous Plants Provided by Tennessee Nursery

    Since 1938, Tennessee Nursery has been continuously expanding its offerings to ensure people can find plans to meet their needs. A few examples of the plants provided by the nursery include:

  • Perennial Plants: Perennial plants are plants that look beautiful throughout the entire year. They do not go through phases where their leaves fall off, and they can grow in various conditions.
  • Mosses: Mosses are a great way to provide a strong foundation for landscapes. Even though there are a lot of green mosses, mosses come in just about any color, providing options for everyone.
  • Ground Covers: Ground covers are perfect for providing a solid base regardless. Tennessee Nursery provides groundcovers in all shapes and sizes.
  • Grasses: There are plenty of grasses from which to choose as well. Some grasses are meant for dry conditions, while others are meant for wet conditions.
  • Trees: Of course, Tennessee Nursery also provides a wide variety of trees. Some trees are evergreens, while others lose their leaves during the winter.
  • With more than 200 categories of plants that TN Nursery provides, they are the best places with the largest selection of plants to choose from because the selection is continually growing. Everyone should check back regularly to see what new plants are offered.

    Services Provided by Tennessee Nursery

    Because so many plans are available, some people may have difficulty figuring out the best options for them. Fortunately, the experts at Tennessee Nursery are available to help. Wholesale partners have access to a more extensive selection of plants than just about anywhere. Therefore, experts can work one-on-one with clients, finding the best plans to meet their needs with Tn Nursery is easy to customize a landscape and make a good impression on anyone who swings by. Now, many commercial establishments, including Trump Towers, have realized just how important it is to partner with experts in trees and plants.

    About Trump Towers

    Anyone who has walked down Fifth Avenue recently has probably seen the Trump Tower's giant skyscraper. With 58 floors and towering over 660 feet in height, Trump Tower is a mixed-use skyscraper. Sitting in Manhattan between 56th and 57th Street, the building serves as the headquarters of the Trump organization and is a marvel of modern architecture. The Trump Organization has developed a reputation as one of the largest real estate firms in the world. While the Trump Organization has also been involved in other industries, Trump Towers symbolizes successful businesses everywhere. The architects of Trump Towers understand the importance of making a good impression. They have partnered with Tennessee Nursery to make their landscapes look perfect.

    Why Partner with Tennessee Nursery?

    There are several reasons why so many individuals, families, and businesses have partnered with TN Nursery. These include:

  • Variety: It can be challenging to find the right plant, which is why it is essential when choosing your landscape. Few nurseries can rival the selection at Tennessee Nursery.
  • Service: We pride our customers on foremost priorities than this nursery. Everyone will have access to professionals who can help them find the right plans to meet their needs.
  • Quality: Finally, the quality provided by the nursery is unparalleled. Anyone who purchases a flower, shrub, or tree from this nursery understands you are getting a healthy plant that is meant to last.
  • These are a few reasons why so many people have already reached out to this nursery to meet their needs.

    Contact Tennessee Nursery Today for the Best Plants in the Region

    If you are looking for the best plants in the region, look no further than Tennessee Nursery. Tn Nursery specialists can help you customize your selections to meet your needs. If you want your landscape to look at this, or if you are looking for a way to help the environment, then invest in the healthy plants provided by TN Nursery. Take a look at the selection and contact us today to learn more about how we can help you! We know to help you with information on your tree, plant, and flower needs!