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TN Nursery Review - Clay Turner

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Black Cohosh

No matter how you garden, it would help if you always kept your hands protected. TN Nursery puts on their website what type plants are thorns and which ones doesn't. This is important. I bought some plants from another nursery and got 2 blackberry briar thorns and one setup infection. Little things are important to a customer, especially one my age. I love TN Nursery.

Clay Turner

Dallas TX

Your hands are a precious tool in your garden, and the littlest mistakes can harm your skin and muscles. Here is 10 Ways of Protecting Your Hands while you are in the garden. 

Gloves can protect you, and there are several kinds out there for all kinds of situations and jobs. Here are some great gardening gloves to try out in your garden! Leather gloves are probably one of the most long-lasting types and will protect your hands during heavy lifting jobs and are very strong. They are also great to wear when pruning plants or flowers with thorns, repairing fencing in your garden area or shoveling. The only negative is that they can become loose and bulky and might not fit like one wants them to. There are also cotton types that are good for those on a budget.

They are inexpensive, and you can find these in almost any hardware store. These also allow for air to get in, and your hands do not get as hot. They are also suitable for jobs with digging in the dirt and planting. However, they are not waterproof and will not be suitable for any job with water or other liquid substances. You can also use disposable gloves, even though their design was not geared towards outdoor work.

They are handy for dealing with pesticides or other chemicals in your yard or garden, and you are done. There are also rubber gloves. They are waterproof and excellent for working in wet soil conditions or colder climates. They will protect your hands at the same time!

When purchasing rubber ones, make sure they are designed for yard work rather than indoor things as the outdoor ones are more durable and long-lasting. You can also buy stretchy gloves that will fit any person well and will not be loose at all. They are also waterproof and durable; They are also very comfortable. The choices don't matter. Make sure they are exactly what you need!

Source of Information on Protecting your Hands During Gardening

Bugleweed Plant - TN Nursery

Bugleweed Plant

Bugleweed is a ground-covering perennial plant known for its low-growing, spreading nature and attractive foliage, often used in landscaping for its vibrant leaves and small spikes of blue, purple, or pink flowers. It will quickly fill empty spaces, making it an excellent choice for areas with poor soil or where other types struggle to thrive. It is a versatile and attractive perennial with numerous landscaping benefits. Its unique characteristics and adaptability make it popular in various garden settings and design schemes. Bugleweed Plant Bugleweed, which is also referred to as carpet bugle, ground pine, bugle, or ajuga, includes 60 related species of flowering perennials. The different species are found in the wild in Australia, Africa, Asia, and Europe. They are also introduced in yards and gardens outside of these areas because of their impressive attributes. With a closer look at the many benefits of introducing bugle to your space, you may decide that it is the perfect new addition to your landscaping. A Fast-Growing Ground Cover This is a creeping type that grows up to 20 inches tall, although some species are as short as two inches. It grows rapidly by shooting runners on top of the soil. These runners create a fascinating look, and they quickly sprout new stems. In the wild, it blankets meadows and other open spaces, so it is well-suited for putting in areas of your yard that need ground cover. Notably, the bugleweed plant is often used to prevent soil loss from erosion because of its ability to spread rapidly across steep slopes.  A Natural Weed Blocker Weeds are a nuisance that inevitably requires frequent attention. When they are not tended to regularly, they can overtake your yard and leave it looking unkempt. As a fast-moving ground cover, bugles crowd out the weeds. As a result, their growth is stymied, and they will quickly become less of a nuisance in your space. You can start enjoying your yard more rather than worrying about keeping up with the weeds.  Brilliant Colors From Tn Nursery It is a fascinating species with dark, shiny leaves that grow in an opposite pattern. During the flowering season, which is usually in the middle or end of the spring months, spikes shoot up that may be as tall as 10 inches above its base. These spikes produce purple, violet, or blue flowers. The flowers have long, flowing petals that some people describe as looking like a woman’s skirt. Most rodents and mammals do not like the morsel of it and stay away from it. As a result, it is ideal for yards where deer and other animals forage and cause damage. At the same time, insects are attracted to its pollen. During the flowering season, you may spot moths, butterflies, and bees on the blooms. As important pollinators, these insects are crucial to maintaining a healthy ecosystem in your yard.

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