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TN Nursery Offers Wholesale Pricing

Benefit From Wholesale Prices For Large Nursery Purchases

Today, economies of scale matter to numerous businesses, states Tammy Sons of Tn Nursery, a mail-order nursery in Tennessee. Receive generous discounts by purchasing high-quality nursery stock at wholesale prices this month. Tennessee Wholesale Nursery offers tremendous bargains on popular trees, shrubs, mosses, native grasses, ferns, berry plants, ground coverings, and other in-demand plant stock. Placing large orders results in impressive cost savings for many commercial customers!

Take Better Advantage of Economies of Scale

Today, astute businesses appreciate the value of purchasing merchandise in a high volume. This form of B2-B buying often results in reduced expenses. When wholesalers ship large orders, everyone saves money on costly processing, reboxing, and handling charges.

Additionally, wholesale nurseries clear more space for incoming seasonal orders by accepting volume purchase requests. They may choose to reward high-volume customers who assist them in accomplishing this goal by offering attractive price discounts. This type of sale represents a true "win-win" for both a wholesaler and its business customers.

We Guarantee Live Delivery

Wholesale Tennessee Nursery does not contain market seeds. Instead, we sell live plants. We cannot assume responsibility for caring for this merchandise after it reaches the customer. However, we guarantee the plants and trees we market will arrive at a customer's site alive (and in good condition at that time). Customers assume responsibility for inspecting the merchandise and notifying us about the order within 24 hours.

Delight Retail Customers by Providing Affordable Landscaping Plants

Buying nursery stock from a high-volume wholesaler like Wholesale Tennessee Nursery offers some critical advantages for merchants. Just consider a few reasons to take this step now:

  • Restock shelves before the holiday season with live, in-demand plants;
  • Conduct seasonal sales to spark the interest of retail customers;
  • Pass along generous discounts to retail customers.

By taking full advantage of our volume purchasing discounts, small retail outlets have a better opportunity to pass along attractive savings on plants and trees to their point-of-sale customers.

A Remarkable Offer

How much money do customers save by placing large plant orders with Tennessee Wholesale Nursery? Of course, results vary based upon the size of a retail order and a commercial customer's local market. Yet consider this attractive special offer:

Bulk Purchase Discounts Buy More - Save More Buy 5 - 10 and get 15% off. Buy 11 - 25 and get 20% off. Buy 26 - 50 and get 35% off. Buy 51 - 100 and get 45% off. Buy 101 - 250 and get 50% off. Buy 251 - 500 and get 55% off. Buy 501 - 20000 and get 70% off.

Imagine the impressive profit margins retailers obtain when they purchase wholesale plants at a 70% discount. It makes sense to take full advantage of economies of scale whenever possible. Even small nurseries and retail outlets can compete effectively with the significant discounts enjoyed by some national chains. Don't miss this last-minute opportunity to claim impressive savings while restocking.

Use Live Plants to Draw Retail Customers to Your Store

In many places, the public health measures implemented to control the spread of Novel Coronavirus dampened sales activities. Now, nurseries, florists, and boutiques desire to draw absent customers back to their premises. Ordering many fresh live trees, shrubs, mosses, and other landscaping plants assists this marketing effort.

By ordering in large quantities, small businesses gain generous discounts. They also obtain a better chance of implementing appealing promotional strategies, e.g., offering a complimentary plant to customers who purchase a specific dollar volume of merchandise. Most retail customers love plant sales!

Conduct a Sidewalk Sale This Autumn

Purchasing a substantial order of live plants at deeply discounted prices permits small businesses to conduct fun sidewalk sales promotions. Customers flock to these types of exclusive sales (especially when they receive bargain prices in return). Consider the value of scheduling a "fire sale" to offer live landscaping plants at deep discounts in a local marketplace.

A business might consider donating 10% or 20% of the proceeds to a worthy charity, such as a food bank or a family paying hefty bills due to COVID-19. By purchasing plants at a deep discount, a marketer can easily afford to donate a percentage of profits. This particular sales event offers an opportunity to generate immense community goodwill (and it might even result in extensive media coverage).

Plan Ahead For Robust Spring Sales

Another popular strategy some businesses prefer is purchasing wholesale plants at steep discounts and maintaining them over the winter. Generally, the older a tree or a bush, the higher the price it commands in the retail marketplace. Some nurseries with greenhouses or available land generate a dependable revenue stream by caring for young plants for between six months and two years and reselling their stocks for higher prices.

The attractive discounts offered by Wholesale Tennessee Nursery greatly assist merchants in considering this strategy. Particularly if a small business maintains expertise in plant care, this effort might yield lucrative rewards in the future. Companies contemplating this revenue model may discover benefits in implementing it this year!

Wholesale Tennessee Nursery Ships Across The USA

Different states maintain a variety of various regulations concerning the shipment of live plants. Businesses should check with their state Department of Agriculture to verify the types and varieties of plants permitted within their jurisdiction. A few states that export high volumes of certain fruits and vegetables impose restrictions on importing certain types of plants from Tennessee.

Wholesale Tennessee Nursery processes high volumes of plant stock. We take excellent care of our inventory. We ship plants capable of arriving in good condition at a customer's location.

Calculate Your Cost Savings

Business buyers find financial value in spending a few moments exploring the website. Notice the wide variety of lovely trees, shrubs, mosses, berry plants, and native grasses in our inventory. To determine the potential cost savings from ordering through us, check the current retail prices of this merchandise in your local area. Buying bare root plant stock in bulk from us this year holds the potential to yield impressive profits.

This special offer does not occur very often. Unusual circumstances during 2020 compel Wholesale Tennessee Nursery to apply some attractive volume discounts:

Consider placing your order now while this inventory remains available. Taking quick action to secure a remarkable bargain will delight some successful businesses!