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TN Nursery Gives Back

Tn Nursery is happy to be a part of a more significant focus - We Donate

We offer free plants for disaster-stricken areas, science in higher education universities, and those who operate niche "green" websites by offering free plants. If you are a nonprofit or for-profit and you run a highly publicized website and want to partner with us for free plants for brand mentions, contact Tammy at [email protected]. She would love to learn about your business and see how she can help.

We have partnered with The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, The Washington Monument, and much other prestigious clientele for over 25 years. We would love the chance to send you free plants. Not just 2 or 3 plants but many of them twice a year. Email Tammy at [email protected] and tell her your story. What's your cause, your focus, and how would you love to help with plants? We specialize in native plants that are not only low maintenance but for those also that will replenish planet Earth with fresher, cleaner air and put back what so many have taken away.

Right now, the environment, global warming, the ozone layers, and reforestation are some of the most significant issues. Unfortunately, natural disasters are becoming more common, and Tn Nursery is focusing on and paying close attention to the planet's future. Tennessee Nursery is garnering the attention of some of the most prominent organizations in the world, including the Discovery Channel. Discovery Channel is purchasing plants from this nursery, which has gained a reputation for providing some of the world's top-quality trees, flowers, and shrubs.

What Does Tennessee Nursery Do?

Since 1938, Tennessee Nursery has been providing plants to individuals, families, and small businesses. Throughout the past three generations, the professional team of tree experts has continuously honed its approach to gardening. Now, the experts follow the best practices in the industry while also prioritizing the planet's future. It means working hard to expand the variety of flowers, shrubs, and trees that are offered to make sure everyone can meet their needs. Even though there are many more demands placed on the wholesale nursery, the team has not sacrificed its dedication to the planet, making sure all techniques are used to place the planet's health first.

TN Nursery Places Climate Change and Eco-Friendly Practices at the Forefront

A team at Tennessee Wholesale Nursery understands that the planet is in a dire situation. That is why a large percentage of its resources go toward planting trees, flowers, and plants that will clean up the environment. Furthermore, even though the nursery provides quality plants to all of its customers, this team ensures that all plants are grown sustainably and will not harm the environment. It means all-natural plants using ingredients that do not contribute to pollution.

Even though other nurseries might be using environmentally harmful fertilizers, this is not Tennessee Nursery's case. The dedication to the environment has gotten the attention of large organizations, including the Discovery Channel. Now, the Discovery Channel has partnered with TN Nursery for its plant needs as well.

About the Discovery Channel

The Discovery Channel is one of the world's largest television and media companies. Based in the United States, the channel has an international presence. Most of the programs are educational, focusing on issues related to the environment. Some of the most popular television programs focus on space, the deep sea, and the earth's health. Unfortunately, an increasingly large percentage of its programs have focused on climate change because this has become a big problem. The Discovery Channel understands that it needs to use plants to demonstrate how to combat climate change. To make a positive impression on its audiences, the Discovery Channel has decided to use the beautiful, healthy plants provided by the Tennessee Wholesale Nursery. Many Tennessee Nursery plants will be front-and-center on some of the most popular programs on Discovery Channel.

Why TN Nursery has Become So Popular

Because TN Nursery has become so popular quickly, many people wonder what sets this team apart. Some of the biggest reasons why TN Nursery has become so popular include:

  • Dedication to the Planet: The team of experts from this wholesale nursery always places the planet's needs first. By focusing on using trees and flowers to protect the planet's health, the nursery has endeared itself to various organizations.
  • Customer Service: No matter what, the client's needs always come before the needs of the nursery. Customer service is paramount at the TN Nursery.
  • Superior Plants: Finally, it isn't easy to find a nursery that can match the variety of Tennessee Nursery. No matter how big or small the landscape might be, there are always plants that fit the need.

If you are looking for a supplier of quality trees and plants and a company that focuses on the future of the environment, then you may want to look at the selection provided by TN Nursery.

Contact Tennessee Nursery Today for an Eco-Friendly Approach to Landscaping

Today, taking an eco-friendly approach to the landscape is more important than ever. If you are looking for a way to protect the environment and beautify your landscape, then you should look at the plants provided by Tennessee Nursery. If you aren't sure where to begin, let the team of experts guide the way! Contact Tennessee Nursery today to look at the selection!