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The Many Benefits of Trees In Landscaping

Trees: No landscaping plan is complete without trees. If your lot already has plenty, great. But if there are only a few or, worse yet, none at all, few things will improve a landscape as much as adding some trees. You might think they take a long time to grow. It’s true that they require many years to fully mature, but even plants that live for centuries, such as oak trees, will yield benefits within a couple of decades.

At the risk of telling you what you already may know, here are some good reasons to include trees in your landscaping efforts.

Trees Are Good for the Earth and Good for People

Trees pull carbon dioxide out of the air and release oxygen into it. This reduction in greenhouse gases has an overall cooling effect on our atmosphere. They absorb moisture, and canopies temper the effect of raindrops. That, along with their extensive root networks, keeps soil in place and prevents erosion.

And, of course, they provide room and board for all sorts of wildlife. Birds and squirrels nest in them and eat their fruits and seeds. Insects thrive in bark and become an important part of the food chain. Trees provide shelter for woodland mammals.

They provide shade for people as well. They keep homes cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Trees in a neighborhood block noise pollution from highways.

Trees Yield a Great Return on Investment

Trees surrounding a house reduce energy costs. A tree-shaded house can use up to 30 percent less air conditioning than an unshaded one. In the winter, a row of pine trees or other conifers serves at a windbreak, keeping the frigid winds away from the windows and saving as much as 20 percent in heating costs.

Trees not only lower utility bills every year, but they also increase property values. A person selling a house can paint the exterior and do some flower-and-shrub landscaping, but there’s no way to match the curb appeal of a few magnificent trees.

Trees Are Pleasing To More Than Just the Eye

Is there anything in the whole world as beautiful as a tree? They come in so many shapes and forms. There’s an endless variety in bark and leaves, and leaves change throughout the season as they bud, open, and turn color. Some trees offer bonuses such as blossoms, fruit, and fragrance. They ornament themselves by attracting birds.

Trees are good for people’s health and attitudes. A yard with trees provides a sense of well-being. They strengthen our connection to nature. In hot weather, they provide shade. During the colder months, they block the chilling winds.

Any kind of outdoor social event is enhanced by the presence of trees. A picnic spot is more attractive when it features trees to sit under, enjoy, to admire. Children are drawn to trees for activities from climbing to swinging to picking apples.

A tree-lined neighborhood is a quiet neighborhood. The rustle of wind through the high leaves dampens the sound of motors from the freeway, and it’s a lot more melodious.

Landscaping with Trees

If your outdoor space doesn’t have enough trees, there’s no time like the present to add a few. Some people favor maple trees because they grow quickly and provide brilliant fall colors. Ornamental trees such as crabapples, dogwoods, cherries, and ornamental ash are all choices that look good year-round but are especially delightful in their season. Conifers offer possibilities to be planted either individually or in rows.

Trees give structure to a landscape. They can be focal points themselves. Two trees or two sets of trees can be used to frame a view. Trees can be arranged to provide privacy or even to create a sort of outdoor room. There’s no end of ways to use trees to add a special majestic touch to any landscape.