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Sunday, April 10

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Boston, Christmas, and Cinnamon ferns are three whole plants to enhance the glory of your landscapes.

The Boston fern has elongated green fronds that grow out of the crown at the ground surface. This plant is popularly grown indoors or placed in hanging baskets in and around the home. It is a typical tropical plant and requires temperatures higher than fifty° at any time. Therefore, it is ironic that it is named Boston since anyone knows that this city spends several months a year far below that 50° threshold.

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Like most other varieties, the Boston fern needs sufficient light but prefers to avoid direct sun. It can be propagated by using runners, or it may spread naturally through its spores.

The Christmas fern is probably the most popular because it remains green throughout the winter. It becomes an excellent host for the larvae of butterflies. Since this is an evergreen fern, it enriches any garden with colors throughout the year. It thrives in moist wooded areas and moist ravines. It has a dense crown and a unique texture that sprouts new fiddleheads during spring. It has a fair amount of tolerance for direct sun, but it prefers partially shaded areas in any case. Must you maintain the soil’s moisture throughout to prevent it from drying?

The cinnamon fern thrives in moist areas near rivers, streams, and ledges. It typically grows up to three feet high but, in some cases, may grow to the height of five feet if the conditions are conducive and ripe. Cinnamon ferns prefer shady areas but may even tolerate full sun if they receive sufficient moisture. This unique fern is precious to the ecosystem. You can obtain different varieties of your choice from any well-established online plant nursery at competitive prices.

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