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The benefits associated with native plants are enormous

Native Plants

We have over 150+ native plants, trees, shrubs, and bushes for all your landscaping needs. We carry border plants, deer-resistant shrubs and bushes, drought-tolerant plants, fast-growing trees, and native plants for hedges and privacy, to complement and protect ponds and water gardens, and to provide shade. Native plants are naturally part of a healthy, thriving ecosystem.

Landscaping with Native Plants
Native plants are those trees, bushes, and shrubs that naturally grow in their original region but are adaptable enough to evolve in the habitat where they are planted. It helps save time, money, and resources.

There is little to no maintenance of native plants. Knowing what plant works well in your environment is essential to properly selecting what would work best. While native plants are not maintenance-free, the upkeep is minor.
Native shrubs, bushes, plants, and trees produce a variety of things, including fruit and flowers. Depending on the climate and time of year, these plants have various bright colors to enjoy.

Helping wildlife
Birds, butterflies, moths, and other mammals all rely on their ecosystems to live. Native plants provide a haven, secure habitat, and animal food source.
No chemicals
Plants growing natively in their own space do not need any insecticides or herbicides to thrive. Ensuring these plants remain pesticide-free will assist in protecting water sources, insects, and animals.

Combats invaders
Invasive species stay away from this ecosystem when the garden has native plants to prevent the likelihood of invasive species.
Native Plants Helping the Environment
Native trees and bushes hold water, which saves money by conserving use and reducing expenses. While these trees and shrubs are beautiful, the weather can quickly turn a regular day into the gloomy one. Native plants can usually withstand the weather of their environment. If they are affected, they grow back without replanting and starting over.

Native plants also fight diseases and other risks from the environment


When using these native plants during landscaping, they can flourish. They are non-invasive, providing just enough coverage in the yard or garden while allowing other plants to thrive and grow.

A natural habitat is inevitable with native plants, which help animals as a source of food. Since plants, trees, shrubs, and bushes are part of the natural ecosystem, there is no need for pesticides or fertilizer. They have an in-bred system where they help each other.

TN Nursery Native Plant Options
At TN Nursery, we carry one of the largest native plant varieties in the state. We've listened to and realized the need for property and homeowners who want a beautiful landscape without high maintenance costs. The possibilities are endless with suitable native shrubs, trees, bushes, and plants that look good and positively contribute to the environment.
We carry:
Berry Plants
Live Stakes
Ground Covers
Native Grasses
and more…
Some of our popular options include daisies, bloodroot, dandelion, honeysuckle vine, Christmas fern, Weeping Willow trees, Red Maple trees, Pokeweed plants, and Lily of the Valley.

Getting Back to Basics with Native Plants

If you want to make an impact and stay connected to your heritage and the environment, native plants are the answer. These trees, shrubs, and bushes work together to create beautiful landscapes for you and restore the regional landscape. Nothing is better than enjoying native plants that speak to what's going on around them. It creates a healthy environment for everyone. Once they are planted and rooted, there is no need for additional irrigation because they learn how to soak up the rain.

Additionally, they can thrive year-round in their natural habitats, providing a picturesque landscape that does more than look good but does good for the overall environment. With a natural disease tolerance, there are no worries about destroying native plants and shrubs. By the opposite token, native plants provide shelter and food for the wildlife around them.

Using native plants is one of the easiest ways to create a beautiful landscape. These plants only require a few resources while helping to promote an ecosystem that will remain healthy enough to withstand anything. Our team is ready to help make recommendations on what would work best for you based on soil, climate, and location.
Our low prices speak for themselves, but did you know we have a 1-year warranty and fast shipping too?