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Simple Guide for Planting Live Stakes & Trees

The Willow Live Stakes are excellent for landscaping around ponds, lakes, or rivers.

The weeping willow grows excellent when planted on the edge of riverbanks and ponds.

Black Willow, known as the Salix Nigra, is an excellent native tree, and many of its limbs are harvested and used for live stake plantings.

Live stakes are exciting. You cut the branches 2-4 feet from the tip, dig an auger hole, and plant the ends of the branches in the muddy wet soil. Within 4-6 weeks, it will grow roots.

Live stakes are a big selling business too. Many wetland mitigation plant projects require mass plantings of the willow species for live stake areas.

Live stakes can also be derived from river birch, red maple, black willow, silky willow, weeping Babylonia, swamp, and hybrid poplar trees. Any tree with a native habitat for growing in wetland spots is the tree of choice to harvest live stakes.

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Black Willow Stakes - TN Nursery

Black Willow Stakes

The Black Willow Stakes feature attractive, variegated leaves with bright green color and creamy-white edges. This variegation adds visual interest and texture to the landscape, creating a beautiful contrast with other plants and flowers in the garden. Its delicate appearance softens hardscapes and complements various architectural styles. Black Willow Stakes Produces Yellow Flowers  Black Willow Stakes produce tiny cylindrical capsules (catkins) filled with yellowish-green flowers between the beginning and middle of spring. The little, unassuming blossoms are barely more than an inch or two across. Several stems branch out from a single base at right angles, giving these trees an open crown. You take cuttings from a tree's branches and put them in the ground to grow these plants. An angled cut at one end makes planting them easy. The cuttings usually take a few weeks to start rooting and producing leaves. Black Willow Stakes Has Stunning Foliage  Their leaves become a vibrant shade of green as soon as the weather warms up and the days get longer in the spring. These leaves grow into a deeper shade of green throughout the summer. As the weather cools down and fall approaches, the leaves shift through a spectrum of colors, from green to yellow, gold, and orange. Their brilliant array of colors brightens up the yard. In the autumn, the leaves change to a deep brown and fall off. As Black Willow Stakes mature, the bark changes from light brownish-orange to dark brownish-black. Some show reddish or coppery tones when they first emerge, right after winter. The bark starts smooth and glossy but often becomes rough and covered with shaggy scales and deep grooves as it ages. During the summer, the bark stays a deep shade of black. Black Willow Stakes Has Stunning Bark The tall, straight stems give it a slim and delicate appearance. They arch beautifully over bodies of water, creating mesmerizing reflections. Their textured bark, which ranges from dark brown to black, stands out against the glistening water, producing reflections with volume and depth. The color-changing foliage adds even more color and vibrancy to the reflections. As they sway gently in the breeze, their bendable stems make patterns and ripples in nearby water features.

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