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Shopping Online For Trees - Convenient and Affordable

Shopping Online For Trees

Shopping online for trees isn't just the ultimate experience inconvenience. It's also more affordable. Online nurseries have become the most popular way for gardeners and many professional landscapers to choose from a broad selection of trees that suit every need.

Choose Your Online Plant Nursery With Care

It's not difficult to find a reliable, reputable online plant nursery. It's a simple matter of choosing the eldest preschool that offers the best selection at affordable prices. An online plant nursery keeps the cost of trees low because online overhead costs are lower. So they can provide their top quality trees at the best prices. Customer service is excellent, and shipping and delivery services are fast and meet customer's custom delivery needs.

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The Place to Go for Variety

All the fun of shopping online for trees sees the wide variety of trees of many types. Also, you'll find suggestions like the best place to plant your trees or the most valuable time of year to plant them. Nursery experts are ready to assist with special orders to create the most desirable landscape for homeowners and business property owners. Check out the low-maintenance types of trees, like elm, white birch, or chestnut, as well as ornamentals and evergreen trees.

Purchase holiday trees early. Then when the holidays are over, plant your evergreen in a picturesque spot as a reminder of your happy holidays. These types of trees give off a lovely piney scent in warm temperatures. Flowering trees are a perfect way to announce spring. Check with your online nursery professionals for correct planting times to enjoy a profusion of spring blossoms with a refreshing perfume.

Online Plant Shopping - For Those With a Green Thumb

Winter seems to drag on when the snow falls, and spring seems far away. That is the time to visit your online nursery website to fast forward your mind to a warm-weather tree planting project. Wind and flooding damage are existing trees. Take a brief mid-winter inventory of this situation before going online. Then, visit the plant nursery's website for ideas on how to restore a forest of trees or plant windbreaks of yews or spruce trees. Pre-order your spring plantings and save. Winter is the best time to find substantial discounts on trees. Your nursery will ship your order at the appropriate planting time.

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Fill A Bare Spot With a Beautiful Tree

Planting trees are one way to teach children about nature. Allow children to create their tree garden to plant and watch their gardening efforts flourish with their trees. Find a bare spot and plant an oak, maple, or a living fence of beautiful Japanese Cherry or Dogwood trees. For those whose tastes run to the unusual, there are feathery silk trees or royal purple smoke trees. The best thing about shopping online for such a wide variety of top-quality trees is they're affordable.

Shop online for trees at TN Nursery

Kousa Dogwood

Kousa Dogwood

The Kousa Dogwood is a  medium sized flowering tree renowned for its showy, star-shaped, white to pinkish flowers, distinctive exfoliating bark, and striking red fruits, making it a popular choice in ornamental landscaping. It is a versatile and visually appealing tree with numerous landscaping benefits. Native to East Asia, particularly Japan and China, this ornamental tree has gained popularity worldwide for its distinctive characteristics and contributions to outdoor spaces. One of the key benefits of using it in landscaping is its stunning visual appeal. The Kousa Dogwood features attractive foliage that changes throughout the seasons and provides year-round interest. In spring, it produces a profusion of delicate, star-shaped white or pink flowers that stand out against the backdrop of its dark green leaves. As the seasons progress, the tree's foliage transitions to rich hues of red, orange, and purple in the fall, creating a vibrant display of colors that enhance the aesthetic value of any landscape. Beyond its aesthetic charm, it also offers practical benefits. Its relatively small size, reaching 15 to 30 feet, makes it suitable for various landscape settings, including residential gardens, parks, and urban areas. The tree's horizontal branching pattern adds architectural interest to the landscape, creating a visually pleasing silhouette, especially during winter. It is known for its adaptability to different soil types, making it easier to incorporate into various landscaping projects. Its resistance to common diseases that affect other dogwood species, such as dogwood anthracnose, is another advantage that ensures the tree's longevity and beauty over time. Additionally, the Kousa dogwood serves as a focal point for wildlife. Its berry-like fruits, which develop after the flowering period, are visually appealing and attract birds and small mammals, contributing to a vibrant ecosystem in the area. Furthermore, the tree's versatility extends to its use in various landscaping styles. Designers can create visually captivating and harmonious landscapes, whether incorporated as a specimen tree, in group plantings, or as part of a mixed border. In conclusion, it is a valuable asset in landscaping due to its stunning appearance, adaptability, disease resistance, and role in supporting local wildlife. Its aesthetic and practical benefits make it a favored choice for enhancing outdoor spaces with natural beauty and charm.  Order your Kousa Dogwood from TN Nursery today! The Kousa Dogwood, scientifically known as Cornus kousa, is a captivating and ornamental small tree or large shrub that belongs to the Cornaceae family. Native to Eastern Asia, particularly Japan, Korea, and China, this exquisite tree has become a beloved ornamental plant in gardens and landscapes worldwide. Its unique features and striking appearance make it a favorite among garden enthusiasts and landscape designers.  With a moderate size ranging from 15 to 30 feet, it features a graceful rounded crown and layered branches. This tree comes alive in spring and early summer with a breathtaking display of showy, four-petaled white or creamy flowers. What sets it apart from its American cousin, the Flowering Dogwood, is that these blossoms are surrounded by four large, pointed bracts that resemble petals, creating an almost star-like appearance. This mesmerizing floral spectacle is visually stunning and attracts pollinators like bees and butterflies.  As the seasons progress, it undergoes a stunning transformation. Its dark green leaves in the summer provide ample shade and a picturesque backdrop for signature berries. In late summer to early fall, the tree's branches become adorned with many golf ball-sized, berry-like fruits, which start green and gradually turn a deep rosy pink or red. These fruits are aesthetically pleasing and serve as a source of sustenance for various birds, adding to the tree's ecological value.  Come autumn, Kousa Dogwood dazzles again with its foliage as the leaves transition into vibrant shades of red, orange, and purple. The tree's bark also peels away in patches, revealing a unique mosaic of colors and textures.  In addition to its visual appeal, it is celebrated for its adaptability and resilience. It thrives in various soil types, from loamy to clayey, and is relatively pest and disease-resistant, making it a low-maintenance choice for gardeners. Due to its compact size, it is a versatile tree that can be used in large and small landscapes, as a specimen tree, accent plant, or even in containers.  Overall, the Kousa Dogwood is a botanical masterpiece that combines beauty, adaptability, and ecological significance. Its year-round visual appeal, from the enchanting spring blooms to the vibrant autumn foliage, ensures it remains a cherished addition to gardens and landscapes, captivating all who encounter its splendor.

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