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About Red Rocket Crepe Myrtle

The Red Rocket Crape Myrtle tree, also known as Lagerstroemia indica, is a beautiful, disease-resistant tree that is very easy to grow.

The tree is thought to have originated in the south Pacific; Linnaeus classified it at Kew Gardens in 1579.

This plant can grow up to 20-30 feet tall and has a width of only 10-15 feet once fully matured. The low diameter makes it an ideal choice for limited areas.

The primary benefit of this tree is its beauty and vibrant coloring that lasts most of the year; it is also low maintenance and can grow in several soil types.

If you're for a small tree that looks beautiful every season, this tree is a fantastic choice.


The look of this tree is stunning in nearly all seasons. This tree is a heavy bloomer; its blooming season is exceptionally long compared to most trees. This tree thrives from deep orange to red to medium green throughout the year: every spring, this tree blossoms with beautiful red foliage that covers the end of each branch. In summer, you will get beautiful red blossoms, which bloom a deep orange in early fall.

Growth Requirements

This tree can grow very well in hardy zones 6-9, making it capable of growing in reasonably diverse conditions. The only requirement is that the plant is located in an area that receives full sun. The soil requirements are straightforward. Either regular or loamy soil will work correctly. Although this tree can grow quickly and beautifully with very little maintenance, as with any tree or plant, the healthier the soil is, the better the plant will bloom, so be sure to use good soil around the tree for best results.

Once the plant has established itself in the soil, it only needs occasional watering. However, in high rain areas watering is unnecessary. The growth rate of this plant is moderate, so it will take some time to mature fully.

Caring for The Tree

Establish a stable watering system for the first growing season to ensure the plant grows appropriately in its most vital stage. Before spring, it's suggested to fertilize the tree before spring growth for best results. For the best results, be sure to trim the overgrowth of the trees occasionally. This tree can genuinely be a great addition to any landscape.

Source of Information on the Red Rocket Crepe Myrtle