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Red Lobelia Plants- Information | TN Nursery

Red Lobelia 

The lobelia cardinals are a perennial plant species native to the Americas in southeastern parts of Canada and the southwestern and eastern parts of the United States, Central America, Mexico, and the northern part of Colombia. Due to their red coloring, the name alludes to the robes worn by Roman Catholic Cardinals Flower which are bright red.

The corolla lobelia is either all yellow or red with yellow lobes. This lobelia is a perennial herbaceous plant that can grow up to 4 ft tall and is typically located in wet areas such as swamps and steam banks. Their leaves are up to 8 inches in length and 2 inches wide and have a toothed margin with terminal spikes.

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The lower portion of the stems showcases lance-shaped leaves. Usually, the flowers are a vibrant shade of red and five-lobed. The red lobelia is from the bellflower family.

Although the red lobelia is relatively common, they have become sparse in some locations due to overpacking. Most insects see that the long tubular flowers are a bit difficult to navigate, and so the cardinal flower depends on being pollinated by hummingbirds who feed on the nectar.

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Cardinal Flower - TN Nursery

Cardinal Flower

The Red Cardinal Flower has vibrant red blooms and tall, erect stalks. It adds color and elegance to gardens, parks, and various outdoor spaces. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, it offers several advantages, making it a popular choice for landscapers and gardeners. The scarlet-hued Lobelia cardinalis is a perennial in the bellflower family. Its tall, nectar-filled bloom spikes attract hummingbirds and create a beautiful display in your garden. The plant's common name refers to the red robes a Roman Catholic cardinal wears.     Natural Habitat Of The Cardinal Flower Lobelia is native to the North and South American continents and blooms from July through September. This moisture-loving plant grows on stream banks and in low woods, marshes, and meadows across the United States. If you want to create a handsome show in your garden, Lobelia will surely delight. The plant's fiery spires yield brilliant red blooms that open gradually from the bottom to the top of their racemes. Each long, narrow, tube-shaped blossom has two flat upper petals and three lower petals at the tips. The delicate plant crown leafy 2’-4' stems, covered with shiny, lance-shaped, bright green leaves that sometimes have a bronze or reddish tint. The leaves alternate as they climb the stems, enhancing the blooms to create a lively riot of color. Cardinal Flower is a favorite of gardeners who love adding bold splashes of crimson. This plant is perfect for shady woodland plots, wet meadow plantings, water gardens, pollinator gardens, and rain gardens. Its long stems can add height to borders and create depth when placed in the back sections of your landscape. The blossoms are most spectacular from midsummer into fall and make excellent cut blooms. Ecology Of The Cardinal Flower Some people say Lobelia will bring hummingbirds in from the sky. The plant's blooming period coincides with the late-summer migration of ruby-throated hummingbirds traveling south to Mexico. The birds pollinate the plant by dipping their beaks into the plants' long, red tubes. The blossoms are also beautiful to swallowtail butterflies and bees, making them a wonderful centerpiece in a pollinator garden. Cardinal Flower Is A Bold Statement In Any Garden  When you want to make a bold, beautiful statement in your garden, include the Cardinal Flower in your plan and celebrate the summer season.

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