Pond Plants Benefits and Attributes

Tuesday, January 18

Need to add a little spice to your pond

Ponds are becoming increasingly popular these days. Ponds make a serene place in anyone’s backyard. Some ponds are dug into the ground, pond kits, deck ponds, and planter ponds, so many ponds can be designed with just a little imagination in no time. 

Ponds give off a very relaxing atmosphere as you can enjoy the new life they bring from planting butterfly bushes around your pond. Watching the butterflies chase each other around, watching the KOI fish chase after each other, watching the frogs jump around and swim around onto the lily pads. 

Ponds are not just about the water, the new life they bring, and the shelter they provide to the animals. Lily pads protect new tadpoles as the frogs spawn their eggs underneath. 

The lily pads provide protection away from other predators. Umbrella plants and butterfly bushes all look great and provide a way for insects from all walks of life to enjoy playing and lying to take a daily nap. Ponds don’t just provide water but also add value to your home and allow you to enjoy wildlife at its best.

Water lilies

Water Lilies grow in no time with the right shade and sun and can provide various colors ranging from red, orange, yellow and purple. Water lilies can thrive with or without fish and look great in a water pot, water garden, or pond. Another great pond plant is the Spatterdock. 

This plant can thrive in a small shallow pan and can easily be transplanted and moved or divided as it grows. With pond plants, the fish provide more oxygen to the plants, and the plants also return the favor by providing oxygen for the fish, but pond plants prevent algae from appearing and make a lovely attraction to any home.

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