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Free Plant Donations at Tn Nursery


TN Nursery Offers Free Plants To Nonprofit Organizations, Universities, and B2B

TN Nursery, a family-owned mail-order plant nursery based in Altamont, Tennessee, collaborates with public service and nonprofit groups to provide needed plants for various projects or research purposes.

The nursery will donate and ship from its inventory of more than 500 plants to universities, government agencies, and nonprofits; The nursery carries varieties of herbaceous, wetland, medicinal plants, and those free of herbicides and other chemicals for study and use. Recipients are asked only to mention the nursery's donation on their respective websites in exchange for donated materials.Image result for rhodes university plant studies

It's a win-win that more than 419 agencies have utilized in the 61 years and three generations the nursery has been in operation. TN Nursery has never charged for its public service contributions, and it's a tradition the family plans to continue. The nursery recognizes the humanitarian benefit of the results of such research, which has led to potential breakthroughs in crop loss prevention and plant hybridization -- and highlights the accomplishments of academic programs specializing in plant studies on its website. Projects to which TN Nursery and its affiliates have contributed include university experiments, wetland mitigation, government tests, and lab science programs.

TN Nursery plants have also been used for beautification at such places as Arlington National Cemetery and the Washington Monument

Nonprofit, government, and academic institutes in need of plants may contact Tammy via email at sales@tennesseewholesalenursery.com to learn more about the program and partner with Tn Nursery for free plants for a simple thank you placed on their website.

TN Nursery will ship to any location throughout the U.S. via USPS priority mail or reputable freight companies for large-volume orders; plants are sold bare-root and are dug and shipped immediately upon request. Plants are packaged to survive up to two weeks after transplant.

TN Nursery, an affiliate of Tennessee Wholesale Nursery LLC, offers wholesale and large volume sales and individual orders for homeowners. Potential clients can visit the nursery's website to browse inventory and purchase, sign up for newsletters and discounts, and learn more about planning projects within a budget. The site also provides educational material on garden zoning, planting instructions, and product information. Users can peruse the blog for insight on which plants might best suit their tastes and needs. Seasoned gardeners can find specialty and particular research plants of interest, while inexperienced gardeners can find expert tips on beginning the perfect garden and seeing it through.

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For more information on TN Nursery services and programs, visit our donation page here