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Pine Trees Used In Landscaping | TN Nursery

Pine trees are conifers and consist of approximately 25 percent of all cone-bearing species. That pines bear cones. In addition to pine trees, this family also includes larches, hemlocks, cedars, spruces, and firs. However, for a conifer to fall under the category of a pine tree, it has to be a part of the Pinus genus. Many people love planting pines because of the shade they provide. Other people love to use the cones for arts and crafts. While planting a pine tree in your yard is probably a good idea, you also have to think about what pine tree you would like to plant. Throughout the United States, multiple kinds of pines could work well for your needs. What are some of the top differences between the various pine tree species? How can you pick the best pine trees for your home or office landscape? Learn more about the top pines below.


The Loblolly Pine

The Loblolly Pine is arguably the most common pine tree in the southeast. Nearly half of all pines in this country region are Loblolly pines. It grows well in USDA Zone 5, perfect for these conditions. This tree can even stand up to the occasional snowstorm.

Many people love to plant the Loblolly Pine tree because it provides a habitat for many animals that have created homes. For example, this pine tree provides shelter for turkeys, doves, quail, foxes, deer, and rabbits. This tree also makes a great noise barrier and a soil stabilizer. The Loblolly Pine is probably a good choice if you are looking for a tree that will help you support the other plants, flowers, and shrubs you are growing in your garden.

The White Pine

One of the most popular pine trees is the White Pine, which grows well in USDA hardiness Zone 5; however, it will grow well throughout most southeast. It likes sunlight and shade and will grow well in wet or dry soil. This is an elegant plant that comes with stunning needles. The needles are often streaked with white, blue, and gold, making them relatively easy to spot. The coloration of the needles might change throughout the year.

This is also a fantastic pine to plant in your garden. They prefer soil with good drainage; however, they multiply in any backyard. While you can prune your White Pine occasionally, this is not required to keep the plant happy.

Finally, many people love how the White Pine Tree responds to the wind. The plant is durable enough to withstand severe weather; however, after this tree has been exposed to heavy wind, its needles often look like windswept hair, which gives this White Pine a truly stunning appearance.

Pine Trees

The Virginia Pine

The Virginia Pine also called the scrub pine, is a hearty tree found up and down the eastern seaboard. This tree can be found in New York on Long Island and throughout the Appalachian Mountains. You can even find these trees in TN, GA, and Alabama. This tree usually grows approximately 15 meters in height; however, it can tower over 20 meters if it succeeds in optimal conditions.

This is one of the most accessible trees to take care of. It is known for growing in incredibly acidic soil and lacking nutrients. Therefore, this tree can grow almost anywhere. You can use the Virginia Pine to bring your entire landscape together. The Virginia Pine is one of the top choices for your home or office garden because of its ability to grow well with other trees, flowers, and scrubs.

The Yellow Pine

Another famous pine that people love is the Yellow Pine. The Yellow Pine has characteristics that make it perfect for the region. Also called the Ponderosa Pine, this pine tree plays a vital role in the construction industry. Its wood is commonly used in softwood products. It can hold nails and commercial fasteners because its wood is stiff and dense. For this reason, the Yellow Pine is an excellent choice for commercial and residential construction projects today.

In addition, this pine tree is an excellent addition to the landscape in your yard. The needles have a slight green hue, and the bark has a healthy, deep color. This pine tree is also a fantastic source of shade in your home or office garden. Yellow Pine trees often cluster together in the wild, making for an awe-inspiring sight. This pine tree is among the most popular globally because of its flexibility, durability, and versatility.

Loblolly Pine Tree - TN Nursery

Loblolly Pine Tree

Loblolly pine tree is a tall evergreen with long, slender needles and large, brown cones, recognized for its economic importance in the timber industry and widespread distribution in the southeastern United States. The Loblolly pine tree is an evergreen member of the conifer family. Instead of leaves, it grows pine needles and brown cones that contain seeds that produce the next generations of them. Other Physical Characteristics of Loblolly Pine Tree This type of conifer typically grows to be about 100 to 130 feet tall and has a typical diameter of less than 10 feet. However, these do have the capability to exceed 150 feet tall and more than 20 feet around in certain environments. The needles fall off every two years, and most of them fall off during the late fall or winter months. On average, they will grow about two feet per year. The Trees Are Highly Versatile If you are looking for something that will soak up a significant amount of water, acquiring this product may be in your best interest. Alternatively, you can use smaller versions of these as landscaping tools to add some color to your garden or to create a natural border that will make your garden pop. As these tend to grow relatively quickly, you can also make use of them as a privacy shield to keep your neighbors from prying into your business. Enjoy a Pleasant Aroma With The Tree As with other conifers, the needles on this type of natural resource will create a strong and favorable aroma throughout the year. The pinecones also tend to create their own aroma, which can help make your home a more relaxing and comfortable place. You may also be able to use the needles or cones to create cleaning products that offer a natural scent. Improve the Air Quality Around Your Property With  TN Nursery In addition to their fragrant aroma, this type of conifer can do a great job of taking excess carbon dioxide out of the air. In fact, some believe that interacting with higher levels of carbon dioxide can help protect the tree during periods of cooler weather. Therefore, you get the benefit of better outdoor air while helping yours to survive for many years to come.

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