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Discovering Pine Tree Varieties

Pine trees are wonderful year-round trees that offer color and beauty to any yard or landscape. They are widely known for offering wind protection, especially in winter, and are often quite hardy trees. In addition, Pine trees make excellent border trees and, of course, are cultivated for their use as Christmas trees worldwide. A few Pine trees are well known to be the most popular in the pine tree group.

The White Pine is a soft-bristled Tree that offers excellent summer shade and beautiful coloring. They are sturdy trees and it is trees whose branches are pretty famous for making Christmas wreaths. The White Pine can grow at a relatively rapid rate of 2 to 3 feet a year and reach quite staggering heights of 80 feet tall with an average top width of 25 to 30 feet. It can handle dryer climate conditions if it is not planted too close to other trees.

The Loblolly Pine is one of the fastest-growing pine trees and is quite popular in the southern United States. This is partly because it can tolerate dryer soil compositions and warmer climates. The Loblolly Pine can grow to incredible heights of up to 100 feet and a top width of up to 35 feet.

The Virginia Pine is small to mid-sized, growing to approximately 60 feet. It has a more shallow root system, so it should be planted where other more giant trees won't kill it off. The Virginia Pine is also pretty hardy and should be planted in full sun. They can respond well to trimming and can handle drier climate conditions.

The Spruce Pine Tree is one of the tallest pine trees and can reach up to 150 feet. It is a weather-hardy tree and typically does not grow into maturity until it is 60 to 70 years old. The Spruce Pine prefers soil that has a higher water table. It also does not grow well in full sun and should be placed in partial shade to help foster better growth.

The Yellow Pine is also a famous Christmas Tree Pine and has a wide habitat area. It can grow to 100 feet and has a wide range of climate locations from Florida to Kansas. Because it can handle warmer climates, it makes for a good tree near southern ocean areas. It is also quite resilient during forest fires. The Yellow Pine can handle both rocky and wet soil conditions.

The Longleaf Pine is a medium-sized pine tree growing from 65 to 150 feet. It can thrive in moist soil, handle drier soil types, and does well in the sun. The pine needles can grow up to an incredible 18 inches in length. The Longleaf Pine tree is a native pine tree to the Southeastern portion of the country.

The Australian Pine typically grows to a modest 70 feet in height and has a top width of 30 feet. This tree is diverse and can grow in both partial shade and full sun. In addition, this pine tree is quite hardy with many different soil types. The Australian Pine is suitable for more arid locations and thus can tolerate drought and wet soil conditions. It is widely known for growing in warmer regions and originated in Australia.