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Personalized Garden Stones - Visit Tn Nursery

Now you have that flower garden or that water garden finished, and you step back and notice that they need something extra.

There are still a couple of tiny spots that need something. You can take care of those areas with wonderfully personalized garden stones. You can get these with your family's names on them, your pet's names, or there may be something special you would like on one.

You can order these online and get whatever you would like on them. You can also purchase these at your local garden centers. The prices usually run around $25.00 for a large one. You can get them cheaper for smaller versions. You may also want to add a personalized flag to those gardens. You can also use stones and flags at the end of that long sidewalk.

You can get the flags with your initial on them and order them with your pet's picture on them. You can also get these with your personalized picture, like your children or grandchildren on them, if you would like. They also sell kits to create your garden stones.

They sell these at your local craft stores or online. The price may run around $16.00 for a kit. The personalized garden stones and personalized garden flags will add that special touch and make it personal. These will be beautiful and will also make great conversation pieces. You can also get the garden stones with special touches added to them, like jewels or colored stones for color.

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Foam Flower - TN Nursery

Foam Flower

Foam Flower is a perennial plant with delicate, frothy spikes of white or pinkish blooms and deeply lobed, attractive foliage resembling foamy. It is a beautiful and beneficial plant with numerous advantages in landscaping projects. This herbaceous perennial belongs to the Saxifragaceae family and is admired for its delicate bloom spikes and attractive foliage. One of the primary benefits of incorporating it into landscaping is its captivating appearance. Foam Flower (Tiarella cordifolia), the Allegheny, is a gorgeous spring wildflower with feathery white spires that look lovely in sun-dappled gardens. With time, its foliage will form colonies with an excellent ground cover in shady spots. Where Foam Flower Can Be Found  It is native to wooded areas in eastern North America. This perennial can be found on seeps and stream banks, by creeks, in clearings, and under maple, hemlock, and white cedar trees. Along the eastern coast, it starts blooming in mid-March and continues to blossom through April. It owes its name to the sprays of tiny white to pinkish blooms that cover its three- to four-inch-long racemes. These delicate blossoms float around the tips of their long, graceful stems, which rise one to three feet above mounds of low-growing leaves. After it fades, the plant's foliage stays lush and glossy. The plant's bright green leaves grow up to four inches wide and usually have three to five lobes. The leaves' shape, color, and pattern can vary depending on the cultivar. They may stay evergreen in warmer climates, but their leaves and rosettes often turn red and bronze in the fall when temperatures cool down. Foam Flower Loves Shade Tiarella cordifolia brings soft, gentle intrigue to shady spots in your landscape. These blooms work beautifully in ornamental, wildflower, and woodland gardens beside ferns and blooms like Solomon's seal, dwarf crested iris, and bluebells. It adds a magical quality to small and mass plantings, grows under trees, and suits spacious pots and planters well. It also makes a lovely border or ground cover. It can be propagated by dividing and replanting the roots in late fall or starting from seed indoors, around ten weeks before the last spring freeze. Once the frost has parted, you can plant the seedling outside. It lures bees and other pollinators to your landscape, making them a valuable addition. Some small mammals eat its seeds for nourishment. Foam Flower Adds Whimsical Charm To Your Garden  Planting foam flowers will add whimsical charm to your springtime garden. Once established in your landscape, you can enjoy their showy blooms for years.

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