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Our Best Selling Plants - TN

Creating beautiful landscapes and gardens requires home and commercial property owners to plan each facet of the design. A well-thought-out Tennessee garden or landscape typically employs plants that differ in size, color, and purpose.

From professional landscaping outfits to everyday people who love weekend gardening, certain plants enjoy more incredible popularity than others. That’s primarily because people with a green thumb have a natural sense of depth, balance, simplicity, and unity. The best-selling plants at our TN nursery complete the fabric of landscapes and gardens. If you are designing a landscape from scratch or have a sense something is missing, these are things you should know about the best-selling plants in our TN community.

How To Integrate Best Selling Berry Plants in TN

The best-selling berry plants in TN enjoy routine integration into landscapes. Although these fruit-bearing shrubs might seem like perfect fits for vegetable gardens and other growing areas, landscaping tends to be the preferred choice.

Homeowners often create rows of berry plants that form a type of soft barrier. This design strategy allows residents to see beyond their grounds rather than blocking the perimeter with fencing. Best-selling berry plants such as blueberries can grow to upwards of 12 feet. However, they usually peak around 6 feet and are easily trimmed to the desired height. The following are best-selling berry plants at our TN nursery.

  • Blackberry Plant
  • Blueberry Plant
  • Huckleberry
  • Rabbiteye Blueberry
  • Wild Blackberry Bush

These plants also make beautiful accents in front of tall and picket fences with low-height perennials and groundcovers in front of them.

Best Selling Ferns Infuse Greenery Into TN Landscapes

Ferns remain a mainstay plant for landscaping purposes. They also add consistent greenery to perennial and annual garden spaces. One of the reasons ferns rank among the best-selling TN plants year-over-year is their ability to grow in places others might not thrive. You can effectively integrate them to define borders, walkways, or lush green standalone beds. These are some of the best-selling ferns available at our TN nursery.

  • Christmas Ferns
  • Giant Ostrich Fern
  • New York Fern

Home and commercial property owners routinely plant ferns to balance landscapes by infusing greenery into shaded areas.

When To Plant Best Selling Ground Covers in TN

Gardeners who want splashes of color typically plant low-height flowering plants and greenery. In TN, these ground covers flourish when planted during the spring. It gives them the maximum allowable time to establish roots before winter. Our TN nursery generally sees a rush on ground covers with purple, yellow, and orange-red blooms and substantial greenery. These include the following.

  • Ajuga
  • Creeping Myrtle
  • Honeysuckle Vine
  • Pachysandra
  • Virginia Creeper

It may be worth noting that property owners also utilize spreading ground covers — especially Honeysuckle Vine and the Virginia Creeper — as fence and wall climbers. These colorful and sometimes fragrant plants can completely change the ambiance of your grounds.

Explore Lush Best Selling Native Grasses

When the settlers crossed the Great Plains, they reportedly remarked it looked like a “sea of grass.” Native grasses thrive because they acclimate well to a region. In modern gardens and landscapes, home and commercial property owners gain significant benefits from TN best selling native grasses. They deliver the same lush green visual experience the early settlers discussed. They also tend to thrive with little maintenance or water. These are native grasses our TN nursery typically stocks.

These and other native grasses offer property owners a rare opportunity to enjoy an effortless and vibrant green space.

How To Organize Best Selling Perennials

Few argue that perennials rank among the most eye-catching and cost-effective ways to fashion a garden. But gardeners often become overwhelmed by the following perennial choices at our TN nursery.

  • Bloodroot
  • Brown Eyed Susan
  • Daffodil
  • Daisy
  • Day-Lily Plant
  • Great Blue Lobelia
  • Hummingbird Plant
  • Lily Of The Valley
  • Milkweed Plant
  • Orange Daylily Plant
  • Red Daylily
  • Virginia Bluebell
  • Water Willow
  • Water Willow 1-2’

The experienced professionals at our TN nursery want every home and property owner to maximize their perennial garden potential. It may prove fruitful to match the architecture and landscape fixtures when selecting perennials to achieve balance and a sense of unity. Consider color contrasts, when they bloom, and for how long. Lastly, consider the height and scale of gardens when selecting the perennials in TN.

Best Selling Shrubs Offer Landscape Diversity

Shrubberies may offer the most wide-reaching garden and landscape opportunities. They add texture, soften spaces such as vacant house corners, and can form a rich backdrop for perennial gardens. Flowering shrubs commonly blend with picket fences, and they can create green privacy barriers along a property line. Colorful shrubs also serve as eye-catching, standalone landscaping elements, among others. These rank among the shrubs at our TN nursery.

  • Crepe Myrtle Tree
  • Forsythia
  • Golden Bell Forsythia
  • Hydrangea Shrubs
  • Hydrangea Tree
  • Pee Gee Hydrangea Shrub
  • Pink Weigela Bush
  • Privet Plants
  • Red Osier Dogwood Bush
  • Rose Of Sharon
  • Spiraea Van Houtte
  • Spirea Plant
  • White Hibiscus

Landscaping experts generally adhere to two basic rules about shrubberies. Space them appropriately to void overlapping and encroachment on other green space elements. Or plant them close together so they flow into each other and then manicure them as single masses.

Choose The Best Selling Plants From Your TN Nursery

Best-selling plants are not only selected for their rich colors, vibrant blooms, and cost-effectiveness. The best-selling plants at our TN nursery achieved that status because they typically flourish in this area. That’s why choosing from our tried-and-true inventory increases the chances that your landscape and gardens will provide the peaceful enjoyment you deserve. If you were adding to existing gardens, our TN Nursery has a wide selection, and we are happy to answer any questions.

Wild Blackberry - TN Nursery

Wild Blackberry

Wild Blackberry is a thorny, woody shrub that produces small, sweet, and black or dark purple berries, often found in various habitats, including woodlands, fields, and along roadsides. They are delightful additions to any garden or natural landscape, offering many benefits beyond their fruits. These hardy and versatile plants display various attributes that make them desirable for planting and cultivating. One notable attribute is their adaptability to various environmental conditions. They are commonly found in temperate and subtropical regions, thriving in diverse soil types ranging from sandy loam to clay. Additionally, they can tolerate almost anywhere planted, making them an ideal choice for many different garden settings. Aesthetic Value Of Wild Blackberry Another appealing feature of these plants is their aesthetic value. These bushes sport lush green foliage that turns shades of red and orange in the fall, creating a stunning display of colors as the seasons change. The plants produce beautiful white or pink flowers in spring, adding further charm to the landscape. With their graceful arching canes, they also serve as excellent natural barriers or hedgerows, enhancing privacy and providing habitat for wildlife.  Wild Blackberries Play A Vital Role In Supporting Wildlife Beyond their ornamental value, they have ecological importance. They provide for various animals, birds, and insects. The dense thickets they form offer nesting sites for birds, while the berries serve as a crucial source for small mammals, such as chipmunks and raccoons, as well as pollinators like bees and butterflies. Moreover, these plants contribute to soil conservation. Their extensive root systems help prevent erosion by stabilizing the soil and minimizing the risk of water runoff. Their capacity to colonize disturbed areas also aids in ecological restoration efforts, as they can help reclaim damaged landscapes. Wild Blackberry Attracts Wildlife These plants can be part of a carefully planned wildlife garden for gardeners looking to attract wildlife. Their ability to draw in birds and insects provides a rewarding experience for nature enthusiasts, fostering a connection with the local ecosystem. In conclusion, plants possess various attributes that make them desirable for planting. From their adaptability to different environments and aesthetic appeal to their ecological significance and soil-conserving properties, these plants offer numerous benefits to both gardeners and the environment. By incorporating wild blackberries into landscaping or wildlife gardens, individuals can create vibrant, biodiverse spaces that celebrate the beauty and functionality of nature. The Wild Blackberry shrub, scientifically known as Rubus fruticosus, is a captivating and ubiquitous plant that thrives in various natural landscapes across North America and many other parts of the world. This resilient perennial shrub belongs to the Rubus genus within the Rosaceae family and is celebrated for its profound connection to the untamed beauty of the wilderness. At 3 to 10 feet tall, the shrub boasts an intricately woven network of arching canes adorned with thorny stems. These thorns, though formidable, serve as a natural defense mechanism for the plant against herbivores and provide an added layer of complexity to its appearance. The foliage features lush, dark green leaves with serrated edges, lending the plant a dense and inviting texture. One of the shrub's most captivating aspects is its seasonal metamorphosis. In spring, delicate white to pale pink blossoms adorn the canes, exuding a sweet, subtle fragrance that attracts an array of pollinators, from bees to butterflies. As the seasons progress, these blossoms give way to the formation of tiny, green berries that gradually ripen into rich, glossy black orbs of natural bounty. Though not the focus here, the mature blackberries are a testament to the plant's role in providing sustenance to wildlife and humans. In the wild, the Wild Blackberry shrub symbolizes untamed beauty and tenacity. It thrives in various habitats, from open meadows to forested slopes, and can often be found alongside hiking trails, where its canes create natural barriers. Its presence is a reminder of nature's ability to flourish and adapt in diverse environments and an invitation to research the marvels of the natural world. With its thorny canes and fragrant blooms, the shrub stands as a testament to the intricate web of life in the wild, where every element plays a vital role in the ecosystem.

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6 Pack -Pennsylvania Sedge Plugs - TN Nursery

6 Pack -Pennsylvania Sedge Plugs

Pennsylvania Sedge is a versatile, low-maintenance ground cover that transforms any space into a lush and enchanting haven. With its graceful appearance, adaptability, and numerous ecological benefits, it is an excellent choice for residential and commercial landscaping projects. Pennsylvania Sedge Is a Weeping Beauty It blooms from May to July each year. The blossoms usually feature white, green, or brown flowers. The plant can reach 20 inches tall and has a creeping growth habit with varying textures. Female spikes have lengthy, white, thread-like styles, while male spikes are about an inch long and have creamy-yellow stamens. The leaves stay pale green during spring, turning a golden-tan hue during fall. Use Pennsylvania Sedge For the Health of Your Soil Its horizontally spreading roots extend deep into the earth. This allows the roots to loosen compacted soil, improving its structure by increasing aeration and drainage. On slopes and other regions vulnerable to erosion, these roots also do an excellent job of retaining soil. As the plants mature and die back, the decaying leaves and broken roots provide organic material for the soil. This organic material stimulates microbial activity, increases soil moisture retention, and improves soil fertility. Because of its naturally low growth pattern, it forms thick clusters of leaves. And because these plants are thin and pliable, they spill over the sides of paths and flower beds with elegance. When used along edges and borders, this quality works well to create a weeping or cascading impression. Their evergreen leaves' year-round color and texture add color and vitality to borders and pathways. Their feathery-soft leaves have a thin, delicate texture contrasting with the border's other hardscape features and plants. This characteristic draws the eye and creates a sense of depth in landscaping and garden areas. Eliminate Weeds With Pennsylvania Sedge Shrubby is densely clustered, providing both cover and shade for the ground. This kind of dense growth can reduce the establishment and development of weeds by outcompeting them for nutrients, space, and sunshine. Many people use Pennsylvania Sedge to help with spring weed management and to keep annual weeds to a minimum in the winter.

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