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Old-fashion Remedies | What to Know

Saturday, February 19

A lot of people back in the 1800s and early 1900's lived without doctors or modern medicine

Most people without a family doctor or a hospital within distance hiring someone with a horse and buggy to take them to the hospital. They could only rely on old-world remedies.

When a person couldn't get to a dentist and need an analgesic to numb the gums to pull an abscessed tooth, they would break a black willow tree limb, peel back the bark, and rub the white innermost layer sprig inside on the gum line area above the tooth. That worked as lidocaine or Novocain to numb below the gum surface to the root. They did their dentistry.

Others used Kerosene to disinfect wounds and stop bleeding profusely. More holistic clinics use herbs to promote health and healing for those who do not use synthetic drugs as an option for health and well-being. Goldenseal is an excellent antibiotic used for urinary tract infections a lot today in health food stores. The old wives' tales said when children had fevers and kidney infections, they would boil the goldenseal root, make tea and have them drink 8 oz per day, and it would heal their infection within three days.

Other herbaceous woody plants that are very popular are cohosh, ginseng, lobelia, and bloodroot.

A lot of herbaceous plants are used in synthetic drugs needed by prescription.

A herbaceous plant uses heart digitalis medication as it is a very potent drug for anxiety issues. The Indians knew how to use the herbaceous plants and rarely needed a doctor's care. They couldn't get doctor's care in some locations they had, so they had to be their physicians.

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Black Willow - TN Nursery

Black Willow

The Black Willow is a highly adaptable tree that can grow in wetlands, along riverbanks, and in drier upland areas. Their extensive root systems help stabilize soil, prevent erosion, and improve water purity by filtering pollutants and excess nutrients. This shrub is a remarkable species with numerous landscaping benefits. Its unique characteristics and ecosystem services make it a valuable addition to various environments, ranging from residential gardens to public parks and urban green spaces. Enjoy Rapid Growth With Black Willow Trees Black willows can reach heights ranging from 40 to 60 feet. They have wedge-shaped leaves that narrow to a pointy end. These leaves are normally two to six inches long. One side of the leaves stays somewhat glossy and has a medium-to-dark green color. The other side usually has a dull appearance in the same hue. As they grow, the bark on these trees may become a sandy color or even turn black. It also becomes deeply grooved. The genetic makeup of these trees causes them to grow extremely fast. Their root system, which efficiently absorbs water and nutrients, further contributes to their rapid growth. Enhance Phytoremediation With This Tree  By drawing out organic pollutants, metalloids, and metals from the soil, they act as filters. They can even remove the herbicide Bentazon from shallow groundwater via their filtration capabilities. This is very useful in areas where there is a lot of industrial waste or agricultural runoff. The rate at which these plants can detoxify themselves is dependent on the contaminants they come across. Another way these plants help with phytoremediation is by releasing enzymes and other chemicals that break down organic pollutants in soil or groundwater. Once absorbed, the pollutants undergo metabolic or physiological changes inside the tree. These changes either lower their concentration or convert them into less harmful forms. Perfect For Planting In Water's Edge Because of their towering height, thick foliage, and quick growth rate, they are great options for creating natural privacy. Their verdant greenery creates a dense canopy that shuts out unwanted light and noise. Planting them in rows creates a living wall that blocks the view of nearby houses or busy roadways. They provide soil protection because of their deep, spreading roots. These roots have a high capacity for absorbing water, which is of great benefit in areas prone to flooding or waterlogging. They not only prevent soil saturation but also mitigate water runoff. Their adaptability to damp environments and soil preservation capabilities make them useful for revegetating disturbed areas and rehabilitating damaged ecosystems. Buy At TN Nursery

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