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Nine Bark Hydrangea - Full Guide


All About Nine Bark Hydrangea

The Nine Bark Hydrangea

The Nine Bark Hydrangea is a beautiful shrub native to North America. It grows mainly in the eastern part of the United States; This lovely shrub is also known as the seven-layered hydrangea. It is the most common name among many. It is ideal for gardens of any sort.

It is a freezing tolerant plant, so your plant will last through the proper care if you live in a cold region or area. It does best in a consistent environment of well-drained, moist soils. The Nine Bark Hydrangea can be trimmed to and grown as high or broad as you want. They become thick and dense and are great for bordering a lawn or garden.

They add a lovely site and beautiful decor when planted with care and organization. Their trunks and limbs are woody, making them very tough. The trunk and the bark are unique in this plant as it has seven layers. It will grow lovely green leaves, and the flowers will make it look gorgeous when it blooms. When the flowers bloom, they look like lovely colorful petaled cotton balls.


Characteristics and Appearance

The characteristics of the plant are pretty interesting. It is mildew resistant. It is an excellent plant to promote wildlife such as beetles, butterflies, moths, flies, bees, wasps, and insects. That can help your garden in the long run if you want your plants to spread and grow with the help of pollination.

The seeds have been known to attract kinds of birds. When you grow this plant in your garden, it can be shaped to any size and shape. That can make for exciting creativity while you plan the look of your garden. When the flowers bloom, they look like either small or large cotton balls full of lovely tiny flowers.

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Healing and helpful attributes

It can grow up to 10 feet tall. The shrub's bark is solid and can be used medicinally if needed. Native Indian tribes such as the Cherokee found this plant had many healing and helpful attributes. The stems and bark can be peeled like layers. They even show different colors on each layer.

The roots and bark can be used to help treat kidney issues and bladder problems. If you make tea from the inner bark, it can help with a child's symptoms of vomiting if they are sick. When made into a powder, the outer bark can help with swollen muscles, burns on the skin, stomach troubles, and high blood pressure. It offers faster relief when the bark is chewed. Although moderation is vital, like any natural remedy, too much of anything can be harmful.

All in all

All in all, this plant has many attractive attributes. In the wild, they are mostly found on the edges of woodland roads and streams, and the hardwood forests love to grow in moist places. The other common name is seven-bark hydrangea because of the appearance of the bark and how it can be used for many things.

The bark used to be used by Indian tribes to treat people by either making tea, a powder, or by chewing the bark itself. It provides a beautiful look to your garden and can be shaped by height or size by trimming. The Nine Bark Hydrangea would be a great addition to any garden of any size.

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