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Nikko Blue Hydrangea - Origin and Guide

If you have a yard full of green and are looking for something with color that will stand out against your home and all the green, then the Nikko Blue Hydrangea is the right plant for you. The blue hydrangea grows approximately 4-6 feet tall and 4-6 feet wide and will bloom all summer within two years. The hydrangea comes in many colors, such as pink and blue, but blue is the most popular. It grows best in zones 6-9 and needs full to partial sun.

The Nikko Blue Hydrangea has a contrast of color against any backdrop of shrubs and bushes. Many people like them because they bloom spring through fall, so it is a wise investment because of all the fresh-cut blooms you can get off of one bush.

The aluminum in the plant provides a wide variety of blues on one bloom, and the blooms are large and full. The Blue Hydrangea does well in shady areas but can also be planted in a location of partial sun. The hydrangea can be found at many locations, such as your local tree nursery, garden center, or greenhouse.

I love the Nikko Blue Hydrangea because it makes a great addition to my yard. I love hearing my neighbors as they drive by or my family and friends visit, and my hydrangea is in full bloom. They are astounded. When my family and friends are astounded by the look, it makes me feel good too.

Having a beautifully landscaped yard not only makes one feel good, but it gives you a sense of pride as well. It gives you a feeling of completion and happiness to come home too. I wouldn't say I like it when I get cabin fever in the fall and winter because my yard is dull and brown, but it comes in pretty sunny weather.

I can't be held inside for long. I use planting my flowers, trees, and shrubs as a stress reliever…I can get out there and dig in the dirt, pulling and tugging on weeds and take my anger and frustration out. It feels wonderful!

Showstopping Hydrangeas

Hydrangea plants are one of the biggest showstoppers in a landscape. The characteristics of hydrangeas make them not only a great addition to any landscape, but also can make a dramatic focal point in garden settings. Once established these deciduous perennials return year after year beautifying any landscape.

Hydrangeas are also easy to grow and do very well in many planting zones and soil types. In warmer climates the bloom season can extend into autumn. The soil type hydrangeas grow best in is moderately moist with plenty of organic material mixed in. These plants are one of the most versatile for planting in many different types of hardy zones.

There are several different characteristics of bloom type and colors in the hydrangea family. Soil type can also affect the colors of blooms in some varieties such as the Nikko Blue variety. The height of hydrangeas can vary from 4 to 12 feet to even 25 feet depending on the variety. Taking the full mature height of a hydrangea into consideration is important in knowing the perfect placement in the landscape.

The bloom season for hydrangeas varies from spring to summer, with some warmer climates getting one more burst of blooms during early fall. Depending upon the variety, hydrangeas grow well in most planting zones. The Nikko Blue variety grows well in zones 5-9, while the PeeGee, Limelight, and Annabelle varieties grow in the 4-9 zones. Peegee and Limelight are known to grow well even in the zone 3 range with winter protection. These plants are proven to grow in many hardy zones.

The Nikko Blue hydrangea grows from 3 - 6 feet and is just as wide when fully mature. The plant boasts abundant 6- 9 inch round mounds of spectacular blossoms. It grows in part shade to full sun. If grown in full sun, it prefers good, moist soil to thrive well. Acidic soils will encourage blue blooms, while an alkaline soil type encourages pink blooms. These hydrangeas make beautiful cut flower bouquets. These flowers will fade to many shades of blue, purple, pink, and, eventually, green colors as summer turns to fall.

The PeeGee hydrangea is a spectacular addition to the landscape. Proper planning is essential when adding this beauty to the landscape, as it can grow to a mature height of up to 25 feet. In the middle of summer this plant is covered with 18 inch long beautiful sprays of creamy white flowers which eventually fade to a lovely pink shade.

There Is So Many Varieties Of Hydrangeas

The Limelight hydrangea sports creamy green blooms in summer that fade to creamy white later on in the season. This particular hydrangea is considered a dwarf tree type of hydrangea growing to a mature height of only 6 feet. It makes a particularly lovely focal point in the garden and spectacular cutting flowers.

The Annabelle hydrangea grows 5 - 6 feet tall and just as wide. This hydrangea boasts very generous white mounds of blossoms up to 12 inches across that bloom beginning in late spring to mid-summer and continue into fall. It provides many months of blooms for lovely cut flower bouquets.

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Because of the hardiness, versatility, colors of blooms, and varieties of hydrangeas available, planting one or more of these perennial shrubs in any landscape or garden is an investment in the future. Hydrangeas are long-lived and are sure to provide much beauty both outside as a show stopping focal point or hedge and inside as lovely bouquets.

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Japanese Hydrangea

Large Japanese Hydrangea is a shrub featuring large, conical clusters of white, showy flowers that gradually turn pink or red as they mature, creating a stunning display in gardens and landscapes. Incorporating them into landscaping offers various benefits that contribute to the beauty and versatility of outdoor spaces. These elegant shrubs bring striking flowers, adaptability, low-maintenance care, potential for multiple uses, and a timeless charm to garden settings. Japanese Hydrangea has Huge Blooms As summer arrives, these Snowball Hydrangea live up to their name. The blooms grow in rounded clusters and can reach an impressive size of 10 inches. Each spherical cluster includes many tiny flowers, each with four delicate petals. Although initially pale green, they turn a beautiful white during summer. On a sunny day, the blooms look especially radiant as they reflect the sun's rays. The shrub leaves have a rich green hue, complementing the attractive white flowers. When it is in full bloom, its flower clusters may become thick enough that they mimic the appearance of snow. People often plant several shrubs to enjoy being enveloped in their beauty. Japanese Hydrangea Has Timeless Elegance  Japanese Hydrangea, also called Annabelle, is perfect for anyone who wants to add timeless elegance to their property. The enormous flower clusters look ethereal on a breezy day as they sway and bob gently. The rustling sound of the leaves in the wind adds to the peaceful look the shrubs boast. Each silky flower petal contributes to the overall smooth look of these shrubs.  When these shrubs adorn landscapes, they add unique beauty. Homeowners use them to create luxurious tranquility. Event venues use them to design magical-looking spaces for outdoor weddings or other special occasions. The stunning off-white petals complement nearly every hue and shade. With their bright and clean appearance, they can improve the look of any landscape. Today, these shrubs are famous for moon gardens because of their captivating beauty and pleasant aroma. Japanese Hydrangea Has A Wonderful Aroma  Japanese Hydrangea emits a subtle scent comparable to sweet alyssum or jasmine as the blooms appear. On a warm summer day, the smell is delightful. Also, the blooms blend well with the lovely and woody scents of other flowers, shrubs, and trees. Overall, this type of shrub is a versatile choice that appeals to all the senses and adds a distinct touch of sophistication.

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