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Natives - Plants, Species and Our Ecosystem

Native Plants for your Landscape


The upkeep of your lawn is essential because it can make or break the overall aesthetics of your home. When you read a book, the author usually describes a beautiful home as having thick, luscious, and green grass.

The grass is essential to the overall curb appeal of a house or business, and, as a result, you should be well informed about some of the grass species. Also, several grass plants are available, which can add a lovely touch to your lawn. This article will provide information and the pros and cons of some species of grass plants.


This type of grass is terrific. Like the name, it looks sort of like a cat's tail. If you have ever taken a walk near a lake, you have probably seen a cattail. This type of grass can grow to heights of up to ten feet and add a lovely touch to your lawn. Nevertheless, the cattail can multiply very quickly, making it a disadvantage.

If you are interested in getting cattails, you should be aware that you must control their multiplication. Overall, the cattails make a great addition to your lawn, but you should consider specific factors such as where you live and if you can keep their multiplication under control.

If you decide on getting this plant, Tennessee Wholesale Nursery offers a wide variety of beautiful, high-quality cattail plants that are sure to please.

BulRush grass

One of the most beautiful ornamental grasses, the Bul Rush is visually pleasing to the eye. Purchasing this unique grass can give your home or place of business something extra.

They are characterized by tall plants that look as if several honey bees or bumblebees are resting on the plant's stem. They are a lovely addition to a garden because they add a delicate touch. Tennessee Wholesale Nursery is the leading provider of this type of grass.

Grass plants and ornamental grasses can add something extra to a home, a garden, or even a place of business. There are several kinds of grass that you can get for your particular region.

Tennessee Wholesale Nursery is the leading plant and wholesale flower supplier because we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality plants available.

We offer a wide variety of plants, grasses, decorative grasses, flowers, etc., out of all the other plant nurseries, and all our products are of the most beautiful quality. Also, our staff will be happy to answer any questions or concerns about any plants and their maintenance.

Our grasses are guaranteed to be the greenest, thickest, and healthiest grass, and our prices are very affordable. Having a beautiful lawn can dramatically improve the aesthetics of your home, store, or elsewhere.

That's why for all your flower and gardening needs, you should shop at Tennessee Wholesale Nursery. They have all types of aquatic, wetland, and live stakes—also fascines and brush layers.

Buy your Native plants today at TN Nursery.


Cattail Plant - TN Nursery

Cattail Plant

The Cattail Plant is a wetland species with long, slender, spear-like leaves and distinctive brown, cylindrical flower spikes commonly found in marshes, ponds, and other aquatic habitats. The cattail plant (Typha) is a group of 30 species of tall marsh grasses that grow like reeds. Their tall, slender stalks and distinctive brown, fluffy, flowered heads make them an interesting addition to any landscape. For those who have a garden near a lake or want to emulate the tranquility of country cottages, they are excellent ways to elevate the beauty of your landscape. Transform Your Space With Cattail Plant Whether planted alone or in clusters, they add a sense of rustic charm and delight to any garden. While they make striking visual statements, they don't overwhelm surrounding foliage or fauna. Instead, their neutral colors and lengthy, slim stalks create a grounding effect that is ideal for filling up space and centering your plant collection. Create a Wildlife Oasis With TN Nursery Invite more wildlife into your yard with them, which thrive near water and can be integral to a thriving pond ecosystem. They provide safety and coverage for many bird species and serve as food for many herbivorous animals. The good news for many gardeners is that Typha is typically not known to attract bumblebees, so you can add visual depth and beauty to your garden without bringing too many pollinators to the space. The good news about them is that they do not require much human interference to thrive. As long as they are put in the right environment, they will flourish effortlessly. Their widespread adaptability makes them an ideal choice for both experienced and novice gardeners alike. Embrace Eco-Friendly Landscaping With The Aquatic Plant Sustainable gardening is vital to improving our climate and supporting local ecosystems. They are excellent water purifiers, absorbing excess nutrients while their roots help prevent soil erosion. They also serve as a source for many types of fish, so if you have a pond with marsh feeders, then they may enjoy the addition of them to their aquatic home. By incorporating them into your backyard ecosystem, you can support a brighter planet for all animals and contribute to a more sustainable, greener future.

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