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Native Fern Landscaping Collection

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Outstanding Landscaping With Native Ferns

Ferns are an excellent choice for your landscaping. There are hundreds of species in existence, making it easy to find a variety that is well suited to your particular setting, climate, and needs.

One of the best decisions you can make is to plant native ferns – or varieties naturally occurring in your geographical area. That will make for plants that are easier to care for, more complicated, and an overall more enjoyable experience for you.

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As you start with a list of native ferns for your area, you may start looking more closely at specific qualities of the wide varieties, such as sun tolerance, water needs, color, height, width, and spreading tendencies.

The popular conception of ferns is that they are delicate plants that need an extremely humid environment and deep shade. While it is true that some varieties do demand this type of ultra-specific climate and setting, hundreds of varieties are sun tolerant, drought tolerant, or a combination of these qualities.

There is a surprising amount of variance in the colors of different fern species. The most common color is green, but this can mean many different shades of green that will add tremendous depth to the visual impact of your landscaping. Additionally, there are even native ferns that can be red, silvery gray, or blue-gray. Depending on what USDA zone you live in, you can also find evergreen ferns to keep your yard looking beautiful year-round.

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Create a unique look with ferns

Ferns can range in size from relatively minor to downright huge – either in height, width, or both. Choosing lower-growing species for the front of your planting areas and taller species for the back makes it easy to create a landscape with a huge visual impact.

Some types of ferns will get along nicely with other plants in your yard, while some must be treated very carefully as they are aggressive spreaders. This wide selection makes ferns highly versatile to many different needs. If you have a large area of land lacking cover, aggressively spreading species can easily take care of that for you, and there is no shortage of choices for more docile varieties to liven up your existing landscaping.

Speaking with the staff at your local greenhouse will provide thorough information about what varieties will be best suited to your area and help you make your final choices.

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