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Moss For Sale - See Our Selection

Nestled within nature's lush, green tapestry lies a world of miniature marvels that captivate the senses - mosses. These intricate plants, with their tiny size and delicate fronds, create a breathtaking carpet across forest floors. They cling to rocks and add a touch of enchantment to any landscape with their vibrant hues. Mosses have long captured the imaginations of nature lovers, gardeners, and artists alike. Their allure is not limited to aesthetics, as they are vital in regulating environmental moisture levels and providing habitats for various insects. As a result, a growing trend has emerged - the sale of mosses. This trend allows enthusiasts to bring a piece of nature into their homes and gardens, adding an element of beauty and wonder that only mosses can provide.

Unveiling the Diversity of Moss Species

Welcome to the fascinating world of moss for sale, where each species has unique charm and characteristics. If you're looking for a moss that exudes elegance and grace, then feather moss (Ptilium crista-castrensis) with its feathery appearance is perfect for you. On the other hand, if you desire moss with a smooth surface that is smooth to the touch, then cushion moss (Leucobryum glaucum) is the ideal choice. If you're an enthusiast of terrariums, you'll be fascinated by miniature mosses like Java moss (Taxiphyllum Barbieri) or peacock moss (Taxiphyllum sp.), which offer lush greenery on a small scale and are perfect for creating captivating miniature landscapes. For outdoor gardeners, sheet moss (Hypnum) and rock cap moss (Dicranum) are great options, as they can transform mundane spaces into thriving havens of natural beauty that are resilient and visually appealing.

Harnessing the Versatility of Moss in Design

Mosses are fascinating and versatile organisms that have captured the attention of artists, designers, and architects alike. Their unique texture, color, and adaptability make them highly valued for landscaping, interior decoration, and artistic endeavors.

Living Moss Wall


Living moss walls have become increasingly popular as a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional greenery in contemporary architecture in recent years. These walls are created using preserved or live mosses, mounted on sleek frames, and installed on interior or exterior walls. The mosses provide a natural and calming element to interiors, enhancing air quality while absorbing noise, making them a perfect option for residential and retail spaces. Moss walls add a touch of verdant beauty to any indoor or outdoor space, creating a serene ambiance that is both timeless and contemporary.

moss Terraiums

Moss terrariums are a stunning way to infuse any living or working space with nature's captivating beauty. These miniature landscapes, carefully crafted within glass vessels, offer a mesmerizing glimpse into a tiny world that appears to be undisturbed and unspoiled by the hustle and bustle of human intervention. Moss terrariums are low-maintenance, making them ideal for those who treasure the natural world but lack the time or space for traditional gardening. They can be made to suit your tastes with diverse moss, stones, and other natural elements, permitting you to create a memorable and captivating display.

Moss graffiti is a creative and eco-friendly form of street art that involves mixing moss spores with a paste and applying them to surfaces such as walls, buildings, and sidewalks. This innovative art form is gaining popularity in urban areas and is a sustainable way of adding a touch of green to the concrete jungle. Moss graffiti artists use stencils or freehand techniques to create intricate and captivating designs that transform gray concrete into vibrant green canvases of creativity. The moss grows over time, creating a living artwork that evolves with nature.

Decorative wall with plants moss indoors

Mosses are small, non-flowering plants that grow in dense, green clumps. They are known for their unique, velvety appearance, which makes them a popular choice for adding a touch of natural beauty to indoor spaces. In addition to being visually appealing, mosses are flexible and can be used in a broad spectrum of design applications. For instance, you can create living moss walls to bring a fresh, organic feel to your home or office. Moss terrariums are another option to showcase these plants in a miniature landscape. And if you're feeling particularly creative, you can even use moss to create moss graffiti, a unique form of street art. Whether you're looking to add a pop of green to a room or create a one-of-a-kind design feature, mosses are a great choice that offers endless possibilities.

Embracing the Joys of Moss Cultivation

Zen Garden with moss covered rocks

For many enthusiasts, the allure of moss lies in acquiring and cultivating these verdant wonders, nurturing their growth, and witnessing their transformation over time. Unlike traditional garden plants, mosses require minimal care, thriving in low-light conditions with ample moisture. Creating a moss garden can be as simple as selecting a suitable site, preparing the substrate, and transplanting moss fragments or spores, allowing nature to work magic. Whether adorning shaded corners, embellishing stone pathways, or accentuating water features, moss gardens infuse outdoor spaces with tranquility and serenity, inviting contemplation and connection with the natural world.

In the world of moss, beauty knows no bounds. From the lush forests to the urban jungles, mosses weave a tapestry of greenery that enchants and inspires. Whether adorning terrariums, gracing architectural marvels, or carpeting garden landscapes, mosses offer a glimpse into the timeless elegance of nature. As enthusiasts embrace the joys of moss cultivation and design, they enrich their surroundings and foster a more profound gratitude for the complex marvels of the botanical world. So, let us tread softly upon the mossy paths, for within their delicate embrace lies a planet of endless beauty waiting to be studied.

Cushion Moss - TN Nursery

Cushion Moss

Cushion moss is a low-growing, densely matted mosses that form a lush green ground cover in shady, moist environments. It's a versatile evergreen ground cover with numerous air-cleaning benefits. Its distinctive formation and adaptability make it a favored choice for enhancing outdoor spaces in water gardens and features, shade, and damp areas. Create a Beautiful Yard With Cushion Moss Cushion Moss grows in thick, pillow-shaped mounds that are at least as big as a pincushion. These mounds can grow up to a foot in diameter. In the winter or late autumn, the new stems are long and pointed. Their beaked, blunt end caps and varying shades of golden to reddish brown are telltale signs of maturity. They are vibrant green and also form dense, round cushions. They can split off and grow into new plants, a process known as fragmentation, which helps with asexual reproduction. This is how the moss is able to cover such a large area so fast. Build Healthy Habitats for Insects With Cushion Moss The dense cushions that these mosses form provide shelter and protection to a variety of animals and small organisms. They retain moisture, creating ideal microclimates for insects, spiders, and other types of invertebrates. These microclimates help to create larger habitats for larger species. The moss even acts as a thick layer of insulation, reducing the impact of severe temperatures and creating a steady habitat for creatures who live on or under it. Because of their insulating qualities and gentle texture, they are a popular nesting material for many tiny animals and birds. Enjoy Air Purification With Cushion Moss They absorb pollutants from the air, making them excellent natural air purifiers. Small, hair-like structures known as rhizoids and papillae cover the surface, serving as a net for airborne dust and catching it on the surface of the moss. The moss structure then uses capillary action and microbial processes to digest and decompose the particles after they are within the moss. They also have bacteria that can transform pollution into usable biomass. Get Rid of Weeds With Cushion Moss It is an excellent weed suppressor because it can form a physical barrier, release allelopathic chemicals, and shade the soil. Their enhanced ability to better compete with weeds for nutrients also contributes to their weed suppression abilities. In addition to stabilizing the dirt and stopping plant colonization, their thick growth habit further prevents weed seed germination. Cushion Moss, also known as pincushion moss, is a type of low-growing moss that is very densely packed together. Its primary role is to serve as an evergreen covering over the ground that also offers numerous cleansing benefits for the air. It’s highly adaptable to a number of different gardens and landscapes and is naturally welcoming and inviting. Beyond its lush appearance, it also serves a primary role in the ecosystem of many species of frogs, insects, and spiders. It can help contribute to a healthy and vibrant garden. Where Does Cushion Moss Grow Officially called leucobryum glaucum, it is native to the forests of North America. It thrives the best in moist areas that receive plenty of shade, but it can do well with a minimal amount of sunlight as well. It also prefers soil that is a bit more sandy and less dense. You’ll most commonly find it in moist gardens, rock gardens, alongside pathways, or in close proximity to areas of water. Description of Cushion Moss It is instantly recognizable for its green color, which sometimes has a tint of blue to it. The drier it gets. However, the more the blue tint begins to go away, the lighter the green will become as well. In many ways, it is like nature’s carpet. It’s very soothing to step barefoot over and help you connect with nature. For this reason, along with its luxuriant appearance, it can turn a dull landscape into a pleasant and soothing one. What is the Appeal of Cushion Moss To Gardeners It offers many benefits for gardeners that go beyond its plush feel or verdant appearance. It acts as a natural mulch to keep weed growth to a minimum and help the soil beneath it retain moisture. This helps the soil in gardens to remain hydrated even during periods of drought. Another benefit to it is how low maintenance it is. It only requires minimal pruning and watering to maintain its vibrancy. This makes it a good choice for those who want a lush landscape that doesn’t require a lot of care. All in all, it is a low-maintenance plant that will help protect your soil, promote a healthy ecosystem, and create a welcoming environment for your landscape or garden.

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