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How to Grow Big Plants

Want to Grow Big Boldaceous Plants?

Everyone wants to have the prettiest plants once they are planted around a home. Here are some expert tips on how to grow plants with huge vibrant blooms:

1. Fertilize your plants. Perennials and smaller plants needs houseplant fertilizer and food, at least once a month during the active growing season.

2. Water. Water. and more Water. Keep your plants irrigated to that the soil is moist, not saturated. CHeck 2" in the soil and make sure it's moist is a rule of thumb to grow healthy plants.

3. Pull the weeds out from around the plants. If you don't remove them by the roots, then the soil's nutrients will go to them as well making your

TN Nursery has proudly provided home gardeners and professionals with vibrant ornamental plants for Middle Tennessee landscapes for 30+ years. We guarantee hardy varieties selected and nurtured to overcome regional growing challenges. Read on to learn why avid regional gardeners choose TN Nursery as their go-to local plant nursery year after year!  

Unrivaled Local Plant Selection - Local Plant Nursery Near Me

Across nearly 100 lush acres, TN Nursery contains the state’s largest selection of ornamental plants bred to flourish through Middle Tennessee seasons. When you visit, you’ll find:

  • Hundreds of flowering shrubs like hydrangea and lilac awaiting springtime explosion
  • Native azaleas, dogwoods, ferns, and more are ideal for natural woodland settings  
  • Fruiting blackberry vines, apple and peach trees for backyard bounty  
  • Perennials like salvia, yarrow, and ornamental grasses for recurring color
  • Broadleaf evergreens like holly, boxwood, and euonymus for winter interest
  • Rare cold-hardy finds you won’t spot at franchised national nurseries 

Our team continually experiments with exciting new plant varieties to determine regional suitability before adding them to inventory. Expect fresh inspiration around every bend in the nursery!

Local Plants Selected for Regional Performance - Local Plant Nursery Near Me  

Through decades of propagating plants, our horticulture experts possess a deep understanding of the intimate dance between plants, soil, and climate here. We use this insider knowledge to: 

  • Breed and select plants capable of withstanding humidity, droughts, and extreme weather events common to Tennessee  
  • Amend soil recipes to balance pH and nutrients based on plants’ specific needs
  • Time propagation and transplanting around rainfall patterns for strong establishment 
  • Harden off plants to help withstand moisture fluctuations before you take them home

The result? Plant varieties genetically equipped with resilience against regional growing challenges - leading to healthier plants and less seasonal dieback in your landscape over time compared to imported nursery stock.

Healthy Plants from Ethical Local Nursery Practices - Local Plant Nursery Near Me 

At TN Nursery, vibrant plant health motivates everything we do. You’ll find our dedication reflected in precise plant care regimens, including: 

  • Hand pruning and training for desirable size, form, flowers, and fruit yield  
  • Integrated pest management focused on prevention   
  • Customized soil mixes and fertilization for steady, vigorous growth
  • Daily inspection for emerging issues, prompt targeted treatment  
  • Seasonal protection from temperature extremes     

Our uncompromising quality produces fuller foliage, prolific blooms, and ultimate performance once established in your garden!

Trust TN Nursery for Vibrant, Local Plants - Local Plant Nursery Near Me  

Ready to uncover healthy plants bred specifically for Middle Tennessee’s growing conditions? Contact our local plant experts at TN Nursery to chat plants or schedule a private guided nursery tour!