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Living Fence Trees - Ideas for Landscapes

Best Trees For Living Fences

Virginia Pine Tree - Pinus virginiana

Hardy to zone 6, this medium-size evergreen has a life span of up to 90 years. The growth is fast at 8-12 inches per year, height from 15-40 feet when mature. It grows well in clay-type soil with drainage as well as tolerates pruning. This pine will grow in poor soil such as sandy loam but may stay smaller in size.

Spruce Pine Tree - Pinus glabra

Great for areas that are near water, this showy evergreen is often raised for Christmas trees. At maturity, this fast-growing tree grows over 20 feet when mature. It likes full sun and hardy in zones 4-9. The needles are short (1.5 - 4 inches) and flexible. This shapable conifer is a lovely ornamental addition to a landscape.

Bradford Pear - Pyrus calleryana

Not only a fast-growing tree in Spring, but the Bradford Pear also transforms into a brilliant burst of white flowers. In the fall, they have a spectacular leaf display of purple, orange, or pink colors. This pear tree provides fruit that is a favorite of songbirds. Mature growth can be as tall as 40 feet with a 20-foot spread. They are pleased in Zones 6-8 and can do well in hot, humid, and after established drought conditions.

Lombardy Poplar Tree - Populus nigra 'Italica.'

In the fall, the leaves of Lombardy Poplar turn into a stunning yellow pillar of color. Lombardy grows at an average of six feet per year. Total growth can reach up to 100 ft. Tall with a spread of 10 - 15 feet. This shapeable tree loves full sun but will tolerate partial shade in zones 3-9. Starting with smooth gray-green trunks, as the tree ages, the trunk turns black with attractive furrows hence the Latin name.


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Living Fence Trees


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Loblolly Pine Tree - TN Nursery

Loblolly Pine Tree

Loblolly Pine Tree is a tall evergreen with long, slender needles and large, brown cones. It is recognized for its economic importance in the timber industry and widespread distribution in the southeastern United States. The Loblolly Pine Tree is an evergreen member of the conifer family. Instead of leaves, it grows pine needles and brown cones that contain seeds that produce the next generations of them. Physical Characteristics of Loblolly Pine Tree This conifer typically grows about 100 to 130 feet tall and has a typical diameter of less than 10 feet. However, in specific environments, it can exceed 150 feet tall and more than 20 feet around. The needles fall off every two years, most during the late fall or winter months. On average, they will grow about two feet per year. The Loblolly Pine Tree Is Highly Versatile If you want something that will soak up a significant amount of water, acquiring this product may be in your best interest. Alternatively, you can use smaller versions of these as landscaping tools to add color to your garden or create a natural border that will make your garden pop. As these tend to grow relatively quickly, you can use them as a privacy shield to keep your neighbors from prying into your business. As with other conifers, the needles on this natural resource will create a strong and favorable aroma throughout the year. The pinecones also tend to create their own aroma, which can help make your home more relaxing and comfortable. You may also be able to use the needles or cones to create cleaning products that offer a natural scent. Improve the Air Quality With Loblolly Pine Tree From TN Nursery In addition to their fragrant aroma, Loblolly Pine Tree can take excess carbon dioxide out of the air. Interacting with higher carbon dioxide levels can help protect the tree during cooler weather. Therefore, you benefit from better outdoor air while helping yours survive for many years.

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